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The Deluxe High-Tech Series uses intelligent electronic controls to heat water instantly while keeping a constant and comfortable temperature. Also featuring energy-saving design and a classic outlook, the Deluxe High-Tech Series is a consumer’s top choice.

3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
1-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control


The Compact Series are made for installation in the bathroom, below kitchen sinks or wash basins, with most models supporting multi-point use. The space-saving and economical Compact Series supplies sufficient hot water for a range of functions including bathing, hand or dish washing, and express showers.

3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
3-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
1-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
1-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control


The Mini Series designed for single-point application, is the most efficient means of supplying hot water to a wash basin. The Mini Series instantly heats up the water flowing through it, wasting no energy pre-heating a storage tank. The Mini Series can therefore save up to 85% of energy compared to a 5L boiler.

1-Phase Power Supply | Electronic Control
1-Phase Power Supply | Hydraulic Control | 13A Socket Plug & Use
1-Phase Power Supply | Hydraulic Control

Instant, Space-Saving, Economical & Eco-Friendly

German Pool Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters are 100% made in Germany using world-leading water heating innovations.
The heaters support single or multi-point application. They heat only what is needed to save a great deal of resources and energy.
The full series complies with German VDE and European CE safety standards and is awarded EU Class A Energy Efficient Label.
German Pool Instantaneous Heaters are the first in China to have passed the latest water resistivity tests and awarded CCC certification.

World Leading German Water Heater Design
German Quality Assurance
The Choice of Major Projects Worldwide
60 Years of Excellence in Electric Water Heater Technology
Award-Winning Team of German Experts
Winner of International Eco and Design Awards

Smart Control

The Smart Control system integrates the controls for all compatible instantaneous electric water heaters, allowing every user to preset their desired temperature for every purpose using the intuitive dial on the Smart Control app. According to each individual’s daily routine, the system automates the heater’s setting to deliver the perfect temperature for you. The app also allows you to identify saving targets, and summarises water and energy usage for evaluation.

The Smart Control System is compatible with the following models:

DSX, DEX, CEX9, CEX9-U, DEX12, CEX13, CEX21, CFX21, GPI-M8

More Details

More Details

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