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helpWhat does “TARE” on the power button means?

Category: Electronic Scale
Product: ESK-400
Importance: star_ratestar_ratestar_ratestar_rate
Difficulty: star_ratestar_ratestar_rate

The “TARE” function resets the weight value to 0 despite the item(s) on Scale. Follow these steps to use:

  1. Put the first item on Scale, and its weight is displayed.
  2. Tap “TARE” button to reset weight value to 0.
  3. Keep the first item remained on Scale, and put on another. Only the weight of the second item is displayed.
  4. Repeat until you have weighed all the ingredients.

Finally, remove all items from Scale, so 0 is displayed as the current weight value. Tap “TARE” button to reset.

Use this method to weigh ingredient minus the container it is in, or multiple food items without moving them back and forth.

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