Front Loader Washing Machine

Installation Fee list

Standard Installation Fee

Free$325 / time for reinstallation

Standard Installation Includes

Removal of shock absorbers
1/2”drainage pipe (5 ft)
32mm PVC pipe with accessory (5 ft)
Water-tap with accessory (if necessary)
Removal of an old washing machine (excludes delivery)
Test-run and demonstration

Installation Fees for Additional Projects:

Install or replace copper or PVC pipe $30/ft
Install or replace copper or PVC pipe elbow $30/pc
Drilling hole in concrete wall (diameter: 2”, depth: 4”) $125/hole
Drilling hole in wooden cabinetry (diameter: 2”) $50/hole
Labor fee for lifting out old machine $150/time
Labor fee for lifting in new machine $150/time
Install U-shaped trap $150/pc
13A plug socket and connecting socket $250/pc
13A plug socket with switch $190/pc
1/2" copper tee $100/pc
Labor fee for lifting up washing machine from the ground during works (every single movement)
Height: 1-2 ft$150/time
Height: Above 2 ftBy Consultation
On-site measurement$100/time

Remote Area Surcharges:

2nd floor or higher in a walk-up building$20 / flight
Ma Wan and Tung Chung$200
Other locations in Lantau Island (max. 8 steps per flight of stairs), Outlying Islands, and remote or restricted areas in New Territories$400


Separate quotation is needed for other additional work not mentioned above
Additional works are to be paid and carried out on the same day
Additional works to be commenced on another day require separate quotation
Quotation for additional works are provided by technicians on site