German Pool Living the Lifestyle 2.0 - Arriving at Fashion Walk!

Nov 22 was the official grand opening of the brand new German Pool Lifestyle Flagship Store! Residing in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s trendsetting landmark, the 2500-square-feet one-stop electrical appliance, kitchen cabinet, furniture and homeware store is the largest one in Hong Kong! Apart from all the bestselling electrical appliances, new products like quality custom-made cabinet, tatami blocks custom-made sofas and foldable mattresses are all on display. From entryway, living room, bathroom to bedroom, we have all the furniture you need at home!

The brand new German Pool Lifestyle Flagship Store also hosts the chillest Lifestyle Happy Kitchen Cafe, the creative and modern Chinese wear fashion brand SPARKLE COLLECTION, various hipster and arty workshops and cooking classes, on top of a handful of Instagrammable spots. Shattering the boring image of traditional retailing, our one-stop experience store with recreation, style, technology, innovation and retail is brought to you with a splendid design, fully echoing our mission of providing a high standard of lifestyle for every customer. Come visit us to discover more!

"Hidden Kitchen" Set: Your Secret Kitchen

Open kitchens are getting popular in nano flats these days, but if you are not a fan of open kitchens, how about “hiding” it in a cabinet?

German Pool brand new 1.5-metre “Hidden Kitchen” Set adds a cabinet door to the kitchen, perfectly “storing” the entire kitchen in the cabinet. It looks ordinary when the door is closed, just like any closet or storage lockers. But inside, it’s a different story – range hood, cooker, sink and tap all available with several additional drawers for storing pots and kitchenwares!

The range hood and cooker can be freely matched and the sink is equipped with a cover and retractable tap. The sink becomes a simple kitchen worktop when covered, and you can pull out the tap to wash your food or the dishes easily when you lift the lid! German Pool also provides a series of practical accessories, including washing trays and dish-holder to meet your cooking needs.

Futuristic Kitchen: Magical Cooking Without a Stove
The Hidden Induction Cooker

Have you ever imagined cooking on the table directly? The German Pool revolutionary Hidden Induction Cooker does this without magic! Induction cooker is installed under a sintered stone table, perfectly hiding it from sight. Users may place a magnetically conductive pot directly on the table for it to cook, boil water, stir-fry or even make hotpot! With no-stove cooking enabled, cleaning becomes even easier as you don't have to clean the stove. All you need to do is simply wipe the table, a modern cleaning solution for your modern kitchen!

Futuristic Kitchen:Revolutionary Automatic Smart Connect
Induction Cooker + Range Hood

Whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen or an experienced housewife, cooking could be disastrous if you have too much to look out for! When you’re stir-frying you don’t want to operate the range hood, but then the flat will be filled with oily fumes and you could be in trouble. Isn’t it great if the range hood will self-regulate according to the power of the cooker? German Pool revolutionary Smart Connect Induction Cooker + Range Hood Set would make this dream come true!

A simple touch activates Smart Connect, such that when the cooker starts to work, the range hood also starts to work by itself; when you adjust the power of the cooker, the range hood will also adjust the ventilation power by itself, the stronger the cooking power, the stronger the ventilation power. With Smart Connect activated, you need not worry about operating the range hood anymore when you cook, so you can concentrate on your showtime!

Oily fume all over your flat and kitchen everytime you cook? Clothings with the smell of grease? Gesture Control Smart Range Hood (RDC) is here to help with its powerful and effective functions.

Need flavour when you stir-fry? German Pool recommends you the full-design optimized Double-Hob Built-in Induction Cooker (GIC-128DB / GIC-152DB), awarded 1st class energy efficient label by EMSD Hong Kong. With the advanced induction and control technology, induction cooking is now made even more stable, and provides an even stronger heat than open-flame cooking.

Flat Organizer: Triple Up your Storage Space

German Pool ”Flat Organizer” series include custom-made kitchen cabinet, readymade furniture, tatami storage block, foldable mattress and the brand new transformer furniture and leather sofa. It is the most complete series in Hong Kong and is made with Hong Kong housing characteristics in mind, offering a one-stop decoration and storage solution with the best cost-performance ratio - the simplest, easiest and most low-cost way in creating the largest storage space and the most comfortable living place and lifestyle. Undoubtedly the saviour for residents living in tiny or nano flats!

This combination is specifically designed for nano flats or studio flats. A small living space doesn’t mean you have to lower your living and storage demands! With the Tatami Block storage bed, the platform, the stairs or the space under the bed could be used for storage of out-of-season clothing, blankets or even travel luggages! The Tatami blocks are made up of 90% readymade, standard-size blocks with the remaining 10% specially custom-made for you. This way, you can floor the room or the flat perfectly with the best cost-performance ratio, making good use of every inch of storage space! What’s more, when you’re moving, you may take the whole block with you or add and remove pieces according to your needs, like upgrading the single bed to a double bed, or even a king-sized bed!

Transformer Furniture: A Multifunctional Space
Tatami Block with Electric Elevating Table Practical Multifunctional Space

Missing the Japan vibes badly? Perhaps German Pool Tatami Block Series with a Japanese tatami multifunctional space would help relieve the pain. Although it looks like an ordinary platform, the electric elevating table in the middle could be elevated for work, dinner gathering, or even a game of mahjong with a single touch of a button. When lowered to original position, you’ll have an entire space for a bed or just a leisure space for rest. Without the need of a dining table, the tatami blocks could provide an even larger storage space for you, expertly tidying up your living space. To access your items, simply push the button to open the door of the platform. The multifunctional room can be arranged any way you like with the tatami blocks. The size of the elevated part could be customized for you too, ensuring every inch of space is fully utilised!

Tatami Block Hydraulic Storage Bed
Best Cost-performance Ratio!

The thing with traditional block cabinets and hydraulic beds is that reaching for storage pieces is clumsy and troublesome as you have to first remove the mattres. German Pool has come up with the best solution – making use of an electric hydraulic device to raise or lower the bed with just a single press of a button. No more hassle so that the elderly or the elegant ladies could operate effortlessly! The headboard may be upgraded to a storage cabinet board to increase storage space for clothing, while an open cabinet could be added at the tail of the bed as a dressing table or a computer desk. A multifunctional space that could be a bedroom, a study or the ultimate storage room!

2-in-1Electric Folding Bed
Desk to Bed with Just One Button!

In an either-or situation because your home is too small for both a bed and a desk? German Pool is here to help you out. With the brand new 2-in-1 Electric Folding Bed (aka Transformer Furniture), your home could be transformed with just one button! Hide the bed in the day to create a desk, perfect for opening up extra space for visiting guests. When the night arrives, put the bed down for a good night’s sleep. The uniquely clever design keeps the desk upright even when the bed is down. That way, things on the table always remain in place.

Custom-made Sofa Series Enjoy a 6-star Cinema Experience

Sofa is the soul of the living room. A beautiful, comfortable sofa is a must whether for relaxation after work or a happy time with family. German Pool brand new custom-made sofa series has great support capacity, good resilience and superb comfortability, giving your home a relaxing and leisurely vibe while creating a cosy, laid-back feel-good experience.