Maria\'s Kitchen Interview with Tanya Chan at German Pool Culinary Centre

2009-08-01 Corporate Share

Maria Cordero, the host of Cable TV Entertainment Channel’s popular cooking show "German Pool Presents: Maria’s Kitchen", has once again picked German Pool Culinary Experience Centre as her private kitchen for interviewing celebrities in town. Her interviewee this time is Legislative Councillor Ms. Tanya Chan.

Tanya loves to eat as much as she loves to cook. During the show, she created Shanghai wonton, a recipe passed on from her grandma, with German Pool’s Gas Cooking Range and Transparent Cookpot. Meanwhile, she shared with us her love story and political career. Having experienced in person the ease of use of German Pool’s range of kitchen appliances and equipments during the show, the two stars from the showbiz and the political field respectively were amazed by how modern kitchen tools can make our lives much simpler and easier nowadays.

Programme: "German Pool Presents: Maria’s Kitchen" – Interview with Tanya Chan
TV Channel: Cable TV Entertainment Channel
Date: 19 July, 2009 (Sunday)
Showtime: 7:00PM