New Arrival: GPS-212 Hydraulic Instantaneous Gas Water Heater
2016-06-05 Corporate Share
Tailor-Made for Hong Kong Families

Unlike the traditional bulky gas water heater, the innovative 138mm body design of the Hydraulic Instantaneous Gas Water Heater (GPS-212) is not only aesthetically appealing but space-efficient --- tailor-made for Hong Kong bathrooms. The design of its water inlet, outlet and gas valve is highly compatible with the water supply system of local bathrooms. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, the brand new water heater is also an energy label recipient.

Thoughtfully Designed Water Inlet, Outlet and Gas Valve

The water outlet and gas valve are situated on the left of the water heater---Compatible with Hong Kong bathrooms. The water heater is thus easy to install, with an aesthetically pleasing installation result.

Smart Multi-Layer Combustion Design

The smart multi-layer combustion technology results in precise temperature control. The temperature setting ranges from 35°C - 65°C, with a thermal efficiency of 78%. The advanced heating technology can even automatically adjust the water temperature according to the weather. The energy-saving mode is activated in summer, providing hot water with the least energy consumption possible. In winter, the water heater operates in full power. Water is heated efficiently, offering a steady flow of warm water.

Slim, Simplistic Appearance

The simplistic, contemporary design gives your home a chic vibe. Smaller than ordinary gas water heaters, the brand new water heater is ideal for compact Hong Kong homes.

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