New Arrival: 40cm Ultra Slim Washing Machine

2016-07-25 Corporate Share
New Laundry Revolution

The brand new Front Loading Washing Machine adapts the latest Italian “Radial Swirl” Technology. With a 500mm diameter, the drum effectively produces powerful swirls that effortlessly remove stains while giving your clothes the gentlest care. Tailor-made for various types of fabrics, the 11 automatic washing programmes allow you to achieve deep cleaning, gentle wash and speed wash by just pressing a button.

Smart 3D Automatic Sensor

1. Self-Inspection
Comprehensive inspection is carried out before the machine starts, ensuring normal operation.

2. Weight Sensor
The densely distributed water exit holes effectively direct water flows so as to create a ring-shaped sprinkle effect, enhancing the washing results.

3. Smart Balance
The distribution of clothes inside the drum is adjusted before spinning. High-speed spinning is taken place while the load is balanced, making the process extra quiet.

4. Auto-Speed Control
Operation speed is adjusted automatically. Stains are removed thoroughly while ensuring the best care for your clothes.

5. Bubble Monitoring
The concentration of bubbles is monitored. Water is added when a huge number of bubbles is produced during the washing process, ensuring the best washing results.

40cm Ultra-Slim Design

While having a 40cm-wide slim line body, the brand new washing machine has a large 7kg capacity, creating a golden ratio between the capacity and volume. The use of space is maximized. Space-efficient and aesthetically appealing.


Having a 500mm diameter, the mega drum brings you a larger washing space. Powerful stain-removing swirls are effectively produced, removing stains thoroughly.

35cm Extra-Large Entrance 180° Door Opening Angle

The full-width door allows you to easily load and unload your clothes. Especially Suitable for bulkier clothes or beddings.

Water & Energy Saving

The smart sensor helps to save water and energy according to the sizes and fabrics of your clothes. The washing machine is a recipient of the Grade 1 Energy Label, Grade A+ EU Energy Label and Grade 1 Voluntary Water Efficiency Label on Washing Machines.

Smart Hands Care Wash Technology

The brand new Smart Hands technology mimics the gentle motions of your hands, effectively protects the fibres of your clothes while cleansing them thoroughly. The cleanliness and suppleness of your clothes is significantly increased.

7kg Extra-Large Capacity

The extra-large capacity enables you to wash beddings and clothes of your whole family effortlessly.

Ultra-High Rotation Speed

The mega drum can reach the rotation speed of 1200 RPM within a short period of time during the washing and spinning process, producing powerful swirls and centrifugal force.

Stable, Quiet Operation

The unique design effectively reduces vibration during washes. Together with the smart 3D sensor technology that fine tunes the drum rotation, noise is remarkably reduced.

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