Winter Essential: German Pool Bathroom Heater Series

2016-11-10 New Share

This winter, The German Pool Bathroom Heater Series is bringing you a brand new showering experience! Equipped with PTC ceramic heating elements, the bathroom heaters instantly warm up your bathroom while drying your laundry. Even when the weather is warm, the “Fan” function is going to keep your bathroom airy and comfy. No matter what season it is, the Bathroom Heater Series is going to cater to your need.

New Arrival: Portable Bathroom Heater

The brand new Portable Bathroom Heater is portable and easy-to-install. It can be installed in 3 simple ways: hook-mounting, wall-mounting and free-standing. Coming in 3 different modes, namely “High Heat”, “Low Heat” and “Fan”, the new bathroom heater is perfect for all seasons.

IP23 Dust & Water Resistant Rating
The Portable Bathroom Heater effectively resists direct splashing and is also dust-resistant, making the heater extra-safe to use in every corner of your home, especially the bathroom.

Detachable Metal Rail
When the Portable Bathroom Heater is installed on the wall, the metal rail makes it convenient to dry towels and small clothing items, preventing bacterial growth and odor.

Multifunctional Remote Control
The remote control comes with a convenient smart-control timer with 4 clock settings.

Portable Design
The delicate body, together with the user-friendly handle, makes the new bathroom heater easy to be moved around. It is suitable to be used in every corner of your home

Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heaters

HTB-916 and HTB-816Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heaters create an ideal indoor temperature with its “Heat” mode while effectively dry your soggy laundry. Within 2 hours, they are able to dry 3.5 kg of damp laundry.

The unique “Vent” mode extracts all the steam and stale air in the bathroom so that a pleasant bathing experience is created.

The 3 flexible installation methods, window-mounting, ceiling-mounting and wall-mounting, are going to suit the needs of different homes.

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