New Arrival: Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

2016-11-20 New Share
Lightweight Ceramic Fan Heater A Winter Must-Have

The brand new HTM-360 Mini Ceramic Fan Heater has a lightweight, portable body that is ideal for both households and offices. Delivering gentle warm air evenly and automatically, the new heater is a winter must-have.

Human Body Sensor

The unique human body sensor activates the heater only when the presence of users is detected. It reduces energy consumption and ensures operation safety.

Efficient PTC Ceramic Heating System

The effective PTC ceramic heating system generates heat rapidly while keeping your skin moisturized. Gentle wind is delivered by the DC fan motor, minimizing noise and keeping the environment peaceful.

User-Friendly Features

2 Smart Colour Options
The stylish heater is available in white and purple.

Standard Power Plug
Plug in and use the heater in any corner you want.

Simplistic Button Design
The control panel comes with only 2 buttons: the On/Off button and the body sensor button. Operation is easy and straight-forward.

Anti-Tilt Switch and Overheat Protection
Power will be automatically switched-off when the device is tipped over or overheated, ensuring operation safety.

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