German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor Wins CosmoBody Award 2017
2017-06-21 Event Share

Organized by the popular fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, the “CosmoBody Awards” Presentation Ceremony 2017 was held on 21st June, 2017. With the brand new rose gold Professional High Speed Food Processor PRO-16, German Pool again received “The Best Healthy Kitchen Tool” award. The results of the CosmoBody Awards are obtained through readers’ votes, meaning that the Food Processor has become Hongkongers’ favourite after the Halogen Cooking Pot, which was the recipient of the same award in 2016.

Perfect for both Hot & Cold Drinks – German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor PRO-16

In recent years, city dwellers have become more serious about eating healthy. A high-fibre diet is accentuated especially among youngsters who want to lose weight and stay in shape. The German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor, which is able to break down cell walls of food, comes with 8 default programmes including Vegetable, Soy Milk, Sauce, Smoothie, Bisque, Nut, Ice-cream and Fish Soup. With the upgraded iDial control panel, users can select any of these programmes with a simple twist. High-fibre drinks, no matter they are hot or cold, sweet or savoury, can be created effortlessly without straining!

The Japanese 6-piece high-carbon steel blending blades are able to grind most fruits and vegetables “as a whole” with their pulp, peels and seeds. Equipped with a 30,000 rpm high-speed motor, the food processor blends ingredients into a smooth consistency, allowing abundant fibres and nutrients to be released. The Vegetable mode, pre-programmed based on recommendations by experts in naturopathy and nutrition, produces nourishing, phytonutrient-rich vegetable juice. No wonder the Professional High Speed Food Processor is recognized as “the king of kitchen appliances”!

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Ideal for Vacuum Blending

Tailor-made for the German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processors, the Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Set allows easy vacuum sealing. Achieving vacuum blending, oxidation is slowed down and nutrients are preserved. Juice produced hence has a vivid colour and smooth texture.

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Healthy Baking Must-Have – German Pool Halogen Cooking Pot CKY-888

Youngsters enjoy having barbeques but at the same time want to avoid troubles and weight gain. Adopting the 3-way heating technology, the Halogen Cooking Pot cooks through heat penetration, convection and conduction. Not only is oil not required during the cooking process, the grease inside food can be forced out, creating an oil-free, fumeless and flameless healthy barbeque experience. You can thus have delicious food while keeping yourself in shape!

Aside from healthy barbequing, unlike traditional grills, the Halogen Pot can perform grilling, stewing, roasting, pan-frying, steaming, baking and even deep-frying. Coming with multiple function keys such as Rice, Cake, Steam and Pizza, the Halogen Cooking Pot is your best helper in the kitchen!

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