Free Caffè Perfetto 30-pc Coffee Capsule Box Set Upon Purchase of German Pool Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker

2017-08-17 Promo Share

* Terms and conditions apply.

Enjoy Italian Gourmet Coffee for FREE

German Pool is joining hands with Caffè Perfetto again to let you savour the refined taste of Italian coffee. From 17th August to 16th September 2017, you will be receiving a deluxe 30-piece Caffè Perfetto coffee capsule box set for FREE upon purchase of the German Pool Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker, giving you a sensational experience of enjoying quality Italian coffee. Starting from 17th August, the German Pool showroom at MegaBox will even turn into a luxurious coffee stand, allowing customers to have a taste of the mellow coffee made with the Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker!

Spice Up Your Coffee Moments with No Boundaries

The Weekend Weekly recommended Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker comes with 7 compatible coffee capsule adaptors that allow you to inspirit your coffee moments however you want, regardless of the brands of coffee capsules, coffee pods or ground coffee. Your choices of coffee are unlimited!

Coffee Capsules
Suitable for different coffee capsule brands from all over the world

Coffee Pods
Simple, convenient & fast to make

Ground Coffee
Complete extraction of coffee essence
2 Volume Selections

With the “Large Cup” and “Small Cup” button, you can create your own cup of coffee instantly. To customize the volume of your cup of coffee, simply press and hold either of the buttons until the desired volume is reached.

A Genuine Italian Coffee Experience

The high-quality coffee beans used by Caffè Perfetto are prudently selected from South America and roasted in Sarcedo, a suburban area near Venice, Italy. Bestowed on a distinctive and enriched mellow flavour, the Café Perfetto coffee gives you an exceptional gourmet coffee experience with a diverse selection ranging from coffee capsules to ground coffee for families and corporations. Café Perfetto believes every cup of coffee has a story to tell. They are dedicated to creating the most unique coffee brand, giving you an irresistible Italian coffee experience while listening to your stories.


Aromatic with lingering aftertaste


Smooth, rich floral aroma with nutty undertones


Full-bodied blend with hazelnut undertones


Delicate lightness, mild & creamy


Perfect mix between taste & lightness, caffeine free


Full bodied espresso, creamy blend of milk


Frothy milk, full bodied espresso


Fine cocoa powder, creamy blend of milk and sugar

Milk Frother Series Spicing Up Your Mellow Coffee

German Pool is going to be bringing the Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker a new partner – the Milk Frother Series! With the new product, warm and cold milk froth, hot milk or even instant hot drinks can be created in an instant. Together with the quality coffee made with the Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker, the perfect combination of coffee and milk is going to bring you an incredible coffee experience!

Create Endless Possibilities with 2 Milk Frothers:

3-in-1 functions: warm milk froth, cold milk froth & hot milk
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4-in-1 functions: warm milk froth, cold milk froth, hot milk & hot beverage
[Pre-order Now!]
Terms & Conditions:
  • ▶ A 30-piece Caffè Perfetto coffee capsule box set (compatible with DOLCE-GUTO-type coffee capsules) will be given upon any purchase of German Pool Multi-Capsule Coffee Makers at the German Pool showrooms or E-store from 17th August to 16th September 2017.
  • ▶ From 17 August to 16 September 2017, with the purchase of German Pool Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker through all authorized dealers, customers can redeem the box set at any German Pool showrooms with the official receipt within one month of purchase (based on the purchase date shown on the receipt).
  • ▶ Limited quantity while stock lasts.
  • ▶ There would be no further notice when the promotion ends or is terminated.
  • ▶ This box set cannot be exchanged for cash or other gifts, redemption or cash refund.
  • ▶ This promotion is only applicable in Hong Kong and Macau (Excluding the German Pool E-store. Shipping and other charges shall be paid by customers).
  • ▶ German Pool reserves the final right of decision if there is any dispute.
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