Winter Essentials: Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater
2018-01-31 New Share
Patented Double Inner Tank Smart-Control Heating System

The brand new GPU-6SSL Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater – Central Type and GPNB-6SSL Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater – Shower Type come with the patented Double Inner Tank Smart-Control Heating System. With two independent 3kW heating elements, the water heaters are suitable for domestic installation and usage. The smart-control alternate heating makes rapid heating possible for a continuous supply of hot water. You will be able to enjoy comfortable hot water within 5 minutes!

Fast - Prepare for an Enjoyable Shower within 5 Minutes
The two independent 3kW heating elements quickly heat up running water through a dynamic thermal cycle. It takes only 5 minutes to bring water to the thermally comfortable temperature of 40°C.
Lasting – A Continuous 40 Minutes of Showering Comfort
The intelligent temperature control technology automatically detects the change in water temperature. The alternate heating system enables a continuous hot water supply at 40°C for up to 40 minutes.

Cost-Effective – Save Up to $1000 Each Year
The smart-control heating system can achieve a higher water conservation rate and reduction in heat loss. Together with the water-saving showerhead, water and energy consumption is slashed by up to 70%*. You can easily save up to $1000 per year!

Refreshing - 3kW Revolutionary Power for Showering Comfort
Surpassing the household electricity limit, it only takes 3kW of power to enjoy continuous bathing comfort. The patented alternate heating system enhances heating efficiency to render lasting supply of warm water.
Slim – Ultra-Slim Space-Saving Design
Compared with traditional 6-gallon electric water heaters, the Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater offers a slimmer design (only 21cm in thickness) that takes up much less bathroom space.

Permanent Warranty
The Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heater comes with a permanent warranty for the inner tanks and a 1-year warranty for electrical parts.

* Compared to a 6-gallon electric water heater under the condition of 20°C increase in water temperature with a flow rate of 3.5L/min.

Water & Energy Saving Aerated Showerhead

Tailor-made for Rapid Fast Flow Electric Water Heaters, the new water-saving aerator showerhead slashes up to 70% of the water consumed by a traditional 6-gallon water heater. The innovative Air Jet Compression Technology increases water discharge to a rate that is comparable to a massaging jet (8L/min), resulting in a lasting showering experience without compromising showering comfort.