German Pool Proudly Presents “Good Cheap Eats”
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German Pool proudly sponsors “Good Cheap Eats” hosted by Maria Cordero along with Luk Ho Ming. Brilliantly showcasing a series of German Pool kitchen appliances, Maria will transform simple ingredients to delicious dishes. Tune in and catch “Eats” from Monday to Friday at 10:30PM.

This time around German Pool has provided the latest kitchen appliances, including the Seafood Delicacy Cooker, Auto-Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker, SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set, Professional Food Processor, and the Halogen Cooking Pot. Allow Maria to cook for you using fresh, economical, and quality ingredients.

Seafood Delicacies with a Touch

Luxury ingredients take time to prepare with complicated steps in between, cooked poorly it would be disastrous. German Pool’s new Seafood Delicacy Cooker utilizes automated pressurized technology with a precision timer, cooking abalone to perfection every time. Just one touch anyone can create top quality tender abalones.

All New Seafood Delicacy Cooker, braise, stew, bake, cook rice & congee to your delight.

Delicate Abalones

Lavish Feasts All in One Cooker

Auto-Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker is perfect for home cooking or dinner parties. Combining 18 functions, fry, stir-fry, deep-fry, bake, stew just to name a few, and the extra-large 8 liter capacity fit to serve 12 to 15 bowls of soup*. An Auto-Power switch to control the temperature with precision and ease. Healthy cooking while being energy efficient.

18 Preset Cooking Functions, East Meets West Cooking.

*Varies depending on the size of bowl 。

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Check it out for more German Pool's cookwares using by Maria in the show!

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Show Name:
”Good Cheap Eats”
Maria Cordero, Luk Ho Ming
Monday to Friday 10:30 PM
TVB Jade and HD TVB Jade