Good Cheap Eats with Maria
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On May 7th the grand premiere of Maria’s latest “Good Cheap Eats” will debut. German Pool will be cordially inviting Maria to the Culinary Experience Centre to host the initial broadcast party.

Party atmosphere will reach new heights with Maria showcasing her culinary talent, teaching guests to make the perfect abalone. Guests will be the first to taste recipes straight from the show “Good Cheap Eats”.

Maria interacting with guests.

Teaching secrets to cooking the perfect abalone.

Catch the highly anticipated all new “Good Cheap Eats” tonight at 10:30PM. Invited guests will have the privilege to watch it live with Maria.

Over the years, German Pool has proudly sponsored Maria’s “Eats”. This time we will showcase all new kitchen appliances; Seafood Delicacy Cooker and Multifunctional Cooker Limited Edition will both make their debut on Big Big Shop. Maria will use both appliances delightfully creating dishes from East and West.

German Pool'sSeafood Delicacy Cookersimplifies traditional cooking. Delicacies with a touch.

German Pool'sMultifunctional Cooker Limited Editionextended 8L capacity, 18 preset functions, various cooking methods All-in-One.

During the broadcast party, German Pool, alongside honored guests and partners, will introduce the Professional Series. Advanced magnetic heating and sensitive induction panels allows it to perform wok tossing. Highly efficient in heat conduction combined with rapid thermal control, it ensures dishes to be cooked with “Wok Hei”. Energy efficient compared with traditional commercial cookers effectively avoiding dispersion of heat, creating a quiet and comfortable kitchen environment.

The All new Professional Series includes: 2-in-1 Induction Combi Steam Oven, Induction Combination Cooker, Small & Large Induction Wok, Induction Griddle, Induction Deep Fryer, Induction Noodle Cooker, a solution to all Commercial cooking needs.

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