Introducing German Pool’s Commercial Induction Series

2018-05-08 New Share

German Pool yesterday unveiled its Commercial Induction Series during the official launch of the product line together with the grand premiere of Maria’s latest “Good Cheap Eats”. The series provides highly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for commercial kitchens.

Comes in a wide range of products, catering to all kinds of needs. The cooker models installed with refined state-of-the-art induction technology are ideal for chefs who need to grill, roast, steam, stew, fry or bake. The use of induction means higher thermal efficiency, lower emission of harmful particles and ultimately, a better work environment. The digital cores empowering the cookers effectively track real-time voltage and current data to ensure consistent power output. Operation is easy, safe and hassle-free with the LED display which gives detailed information about the heat, time and other settings.

Durability is another forte of the Series. Made of superior stainless steel imported from Japan, every piece of equipment featured throughout the Series is a good investment that would serve your ever-increasing business for the long term.

Induction 2-in-1 Combi Steam Oven

Customizable moisture, time and temperature settings

Automatic Lifting Induction Deep Fryer

Induction heating that results in the separation of the heating element and oil – hence better safety and more even heat distribution

Do you happen to be in charge of a Chinese kitchen? The Series has also got you covered. Traditional Chinese cooking techniques such as steaming, stir-frying, double boiling and even wok tossing can be easily applied with various German Pool Professional Series’ cookers. Whether you are preparing for a grand 10-course Chinese wedding banquet or steaming delicate handmade dim sum for your regular yum cha menu, there is a solution offered by the Series.

Induction Wok with Rear Stock Pot

Advanced induction technology enabling wok tossing as the heating continues even when the wok leaves the cooktop within a distance of 15cm

Induction 3-deck Steam Cabinet

Compact but efficient - takes only 5 minutes to get the steam going after adding water