All New Portable Air Conditioner, the Coolest Thing This Summer

2018-05-31 New Share

Air cons are definitely a must-have for every household in Hong Kong, especially when you take into account the heatwave that has been raging on recently. The latest portable air con models PAC-215 and PAC-208, proudly presented by German Pool, offer a very new air-conditioning option.

If you happen to need to buy an air-con, or your current one doesn’t work, or you can’t turn it on due to ongoing works on the exterior wall of the building, German Pool’s portable air-cons are an ideal solution for you. They require no installation, breaking through limitations arising from the interior setting and design.

They are compact, light, and comes with 360° casters which give you enhanced mobility. Whether it be a bedroom, kitchen or an office, as long as there is a socket, with German Pool’s portable air cons you can enjoy instant comfort. PAC-215 is even equipped with a heating function, so you can get the best of both worlds, and also save money and space.

Apart from households, the portable air cons are also great for:

When the central air conditioning system is turned off, or when it doesn’t work, the employees won’t be able to work in a comfortable environment. Also, a central air conditioning system may not be able to cool every corner of an office. German Pool’s portable air cons come in handy for these situations.

Other Workspaces

In some stores, wall-mount or window type air cons just don’t fit, and the same is true for temporary/semi-temporary workspaces like flower market stalls and toll booths. For these workspaces, German Pool’s portable air cons would be very helpful.


14,000 BTU/h | ~1½ HP


8,000 BTU/h | ¾ HP

360° casters for extra mobility.

PAC is an ideal substitute for window AC during maintenance work.