German Pool Built-in Dish Warmer: The Perfect Kitchen Companion, Elevating the Home Dining Experience
2018-09-18 New Share
Upgrade the 2-in-1 Steam & Grill Oven with Ease

German Pool all New Built-in Dish Warmer (DWR-2504) is compatible with German Pool 2-in-1 Steam & Grill (SGV-5221). The Dish Warmer is specially designed in conjunction with the 2-in-1 Steam & Grill; simply install the warmer under the oven. It is extremely compact; the combined space used by the two products is equal to the space used by one traditionally sized oven. Fit for keeping foods warm, the drawer elevates the overall cooking experience from cooking to food warming.

Precision Warming Elevating Dining Experience
  • The dish warmer can maintain a temperature of up to 70˚C in the chamber. Cooked foods will remain at an even heat ensuring warm and delicious food. Bring commercial kitchen equipment into the comfort of your own home.
Brilliant Alternative to Defrosting
  • The warming drawer can be adjusted to the perfect temperature (30~70˚C) for gently defrosting foods. Simply adjust the temperature control and the 0–90 minute timer controls.
One Touch Quick Access
  • Open the warming drawer with just a slight tap. The drawer glides out in one smooth motion. While the anti-slip mat keeps everything inside stable.
25L of Extra Large Capacity
  • The built in dish warmer is slim, but also has a large storage capacity. A maximum load of 25 liters it can house multiple sets of dishware. Maximize every inch of space in the kitchen.



Healthy Cooking with115°C Steam Cooking
  • The 2-in-1 Built-In Steam & Grill (SGV-5221) comes with an advanced steam generator that produces high-temperature steam of up to 115°C. Able to cook food rapidly and thoroughly, the new product effectively retains nutrients, moisture and flavour in food.