CNY Blessings Through Cooking
2019-01-02 Corporate Share

2019 year of the Pig is coming very soon! It’s an opportunity to take a break from work and renew family ties. The tradition is to hold a lavish feast or reunion dinner to celebrate the lunar new year with auspicious Chinese New Year food.

If you are planning your Chinese New Year feast, you might be wondering what foods you should serve. While it is important to look for delicious recipes that satisfy your guests, you should also be mindful of the symbolism of each dish you choose.

Here are our festive cooking classes available. Jump start your culinary skills for the CNY now!

CNY Specials: January Cooking Class
Golden Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk + Water Chestnut Cake
2019-1-25 19:00-21:00
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Mini Goldfish-shaped New Year Cake
2019-1-26 11:00-12:30
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CNY Turnip Cake + Goldfish-shaped Coconut Cake
2019-1-27 16:00-18:00
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CNY Specials: February Cooking Class
Braised Pork Knuckle + Mixed Bean Sweer Soup
2019-2-1 19:00-21:00
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Mini Glutinous Rice
2019-2-2 11:00-12:30
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Gold Ingot-shaped Dumpling
2019-2-3 11:00-12:30
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CNY Taro Cake + Braised Mushrooms With Dried Oysters
2019-2-3 16:00-18:00
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Places are limited, and registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Enroll now!

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