German Pool Provides One-stop Solar Power System for Hong Lok Yuen
2019-01-29 New Share

On January 29, the Solar Power System Project located on Hong Lok Rd E supported by German Pool (H.K.) Ltd. has officially completed. It is able to generate power of up to 9.8 kW. In order to promote the development of renewable energy German Pool has consolidated its 10 years of experience in innovation and energy efficiency. German Pool has set up a team of Solar Power engineers to provide customers with integrated solar energy system services, including consultation on projects, design, materials, construction, etc., tailored to customers from Hong Lok Yuen, Fairview Park, Marina Cove, and other villas. The project includes bracket installation with waterproofing, wind speed and roof weight capacity design, from planning to completion in only two months.

Solar Panel Project

German Pool (H.K.) Ltd. has its own plant in Shunde Wusha, with a renewable solar power system of up to 20,000 solar panels. The production capacity is 53,000 watts and the annual output is about 5 MWh. In addition, the company spares no effort in environmental awareness, energy efficiency, innovation and technological culture. German Pool constantly pursues new solutions to strive for improvement and development.

Produce Renewable Energy with German Pool

At the same time, German Pool will extend its 30 plus years of expertise and product experience with development projects regarding Australian solar water heaters. German Pool has a professional team responsible for managing this project, in addition to the professional qualification of energy services recognized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, and years of experience based on power supply and energy efficiency services. We will be collaborating with registered electrical engineering and small license engineering staff to provide one-stop service.

Under the leadership of Dr. Chan Kwok Man, the founder of German Pool (H.K.) Ltd., our goal is to support and promote the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong. Further contribute to Hong Kong's environmental protection, for a greener earth. With our large-scale production plant and our recently implemented solar power project from Hong Lok Yuen and with other projects collaborating with Rhythm Garden and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University we are sure to take steps in the positive direction.