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In recent years, coffee culture has become popular in Hong Kong. Many people also like to look around for special coffee tasting. Cold brew coffee is very popular in Europe, America and Japan. Cold brew coffee was born in the 16th century, when a captain of a merchant vessel wanted to drink coffee while was transporting coffee beans. He did not have hot water, so he poured the coffee powder into a water bucket, soaked it for a day and then tasted it. It has a richer sense of fruit and sweetness, as well as a very smooth texture and a long-lasting scent. So it started the production of cold-collected coffee.


Hot coffee has a strong aroma, but it can't last long. However, cold brew coffee is cold treated for a long time, so the fragrance can last for a long time, and can be kept for a long time. There is no problem for storing 10 to 20 days. The longer the time is, the stronger the fragrance.

Home-made cold brew coffee

People always go to coffee shop to taste cold brew coffee. If you want to make it yourself at home, it is actually very simple. Just add the water to the coffee powder, pour it into the water bottle and put it into the refrigerator, soak it for about 12 to 24 hours. You can take it out and taste it. However, since the production process takes time, it is not easy to breed bacteria to ensure that the temperature is below 4 degrees Celsius.

Presence of Vacuum Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Hong Kong people generally do not have this patience and time to wait for 12 to 24 hours. German Pool recently launched Vacuum Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which can produce a cup of cold brew coffee in as little as 2 minutes. The touch sensing interface design is very simple and easy to use, preset 4 concentration options for you to choose according your needs and preferences.

In addition, the vacuum cold brew coffee maker uses an automatic vacuuming technology to extract the essence of the coffee and shorten the production time from 4 hours to 2 minutes. Because of the short-term extraction, in addition to the coffee flavor can be fully exerted, it can make the coffee texture more smooth.

Other Coffeeholic Products
Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker CMC-111

  • ■ 7 compatible capsule adaptors/capsule brands, coffee pods and ground coffee
  • ■ 2 volume selection
  • ■ 7-level temperature settings
  • ■ 19-bar high pressure pump
  • ■ Anti-drip design
  • ■ Detachable external water tank
Capsule Coffee Maker CMC-101

  • ■ Slim and Space Saving
  • ■ 4 compatible capsule adaptors
  • ■ 19-bar high pressure pump
  • ■ 0.6L detachable water tank
  • ■ Anti-drip design
  • ■ Streamline machine
Portable Coffee & Tea Maker CMH-80

  • ■ Lightweight and portable, make coffee or tea without electricity
  • ■ Compatible with coffee capsules, coffee powder, or tea leaves
  • ■ Detachable design for easy cleaning
Electric Milk Frother-Induction Heating MIF-255

  • ■ 4-in-1 functions: warm milk froth, cold milk froth, hot milk & hot beverages
  • ■ Evenly distributed temperate
  • ■ Creamy and silky milk foam
  • ■ Removable jug for easy pouring and cleaning
  • ■ Make your own mixers with accessories
Electric Milk Frother MIF-150

  • ■ 3-in-1 functions: warm milk froth, cold milk froth, hot milk
  • ■ Otter rapid heating technology
  • ■ Creamy and silky milk foam
  • ■ Detachable magnetic whisk
  • ■ Clean and sleek design
USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer VAS-300

  • ■ Perfect Companion with Sous Vide Pro SVC-313W
  • ■ Complementary BPA-free vacuum zipper bags (of 4 sizes)
  • ■ Vacuum sealing for food storage to preserve freshness
  • ■ BPA-free
  • ■ Environmental friendly reusable vacuum zipper bags

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