Introducing 2019 DC Motor Fan Series
2019-04-01 New Share

German Pool's all new 2019 electric fan series is stylish and elegant, not only to meet your different needs but also to match the modern home environment. Two of 3 new electric fans use the highest specification BLDC brushless motor with high torque, stable speed and high efficiency. It offers longer life span, quieter, and more power efficient. The other one also uses DC motor, which also features stable speed and low noise.

The most eye-catching product among them is DC Motor Cordless Pedestal Fanwhich has built-in rechargeable battery, can wireless operation up to 15 hours. Awarded with German Red Dot Design Award, the fan cage and vertical frame are made of aluminum alloy. The fan can be perfectly integrated into any modern household.

The next product is DC Motor SlimTower Bladeless Fan, equipped with BLDC Brushless Motorcycle, and remote control is attached at the top magnet rack. It is so convenient to take.

The last one introduced is DC Motor Pedestal Fan, which offer 3 kinds of smart modes. A simple button push the height of the fan can be adjusted freely. Raise the height by 17cm for added flexibility.