German Pool to Participate Kitchen & Bath China 2019 in Shanghai

2019-05-23 Corporate Share

Kitchen & Bath China, which has been hailed as the "industrial development trend" since its inception in 1996, is moving forward to its 24th year and is well known in China, Asia and internationally. The trade show will be held from May 27th to 30th at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. More than 1,250 brands and manufacturers from all over the world will come together to bring a series of the latest and most complete kitchens and bathroom equipment.

Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) Trade Show Details

Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Centre

German Pool will also create a one-stop home appliance kitchen and bathroom experience hall at the exhibition, providing instantaneous water heaters, high-grade custom cabinets, commercial professional induction cookers and a variety of small cooking appliances. During the exhibition, the celebrity chefs of Disciples Escoffier International will cook a variety of top-notch dishes and exchange cooking experiences with you. Don't miss it! Before the exhibition begins, we will introduce you to the kitchen, bathroom and bathroom products that are efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly!

1. Instant electric water heater series

German Pool instantaneous water heaters are divided into three series: “Luxury”, “Compact” and “mini”. The luxury series of water heaters are supplied with high-end intelligent electronic technology to provide stable and comfortable hot water. And the simple and fashionable design makes it the highest honor; the compact series are light and thin, easy to install and widely used. They can supply one or more water outlets, and provide instant temperature for washing hands, washing dishes, showers or baths. The mini series are small in size and designed for single use of kitchen zinc basins and bathroom wash basins. Comfortable hot water is always there and ready to use.

Manufacturing in Germany, saving energy and being eco friendly

The whole series of German Pool instantaneous water heaters are made in Germany. They adopt high-end heating technology and special power-saving design. Only cold water need to be heated to avoid heat loss, saving electricity and environmental protection, avoiding waste of necessary energy. Germany Pool instantaneous water heater has been selected by countless world projects, and has won the EU A-level energy efficiency label, German VDE and European CE certification. It is also the first Germany imported products to pass the CCC latest water resistance safety test in China, ensuring reliable and durable!

Intelligent control system is more convenient to operate

As a member of the environmental protection, of course, we hope to pay attention to water and electricity consumption! German Pool instantaneous water heaters are equipped with intelligent hot water control system (optional), which allows you to control all compatible water heaters in your home anytime, anywhere via smart phones or tablets. Simply use the smart layout of the Smart Control mobile app to preset your preferred water temperature, and the system will automatically adjust the water temperature and boot time according to your life rhythm. After setting the energy saving target, the program will summarize the water and electricity consumption of each family member can help you save water and energy.

2. Advanced Custom Cabinet Series

German Pool Premium Custom Cabinet series uses high-grade imported hardware plates from all over the world, including Italian or Spanish door panels, Austrian Blum door hinges, German or Italian zipper storage racks, etc. All materials are environmentally friendly and comply with European environmental standards. And adopting German advanced technology and equipment "HOMAG System", the cutting, processing and assembly processes are fully automatic and intelligent, and the world-class customized cabinet series is built with first-class equipment, technology and management.

One-stop service includes kitchen, bathroom, bedroom custom cabinets, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets and TV cabinets. It is tailor-made for your flexible and versatile storage system and designer's unique fashion touch. Fashionable, practical, diversified, environmentally-friendly storage systems and furniture, make every effort to create a beautiful home!

High degree of freedom with style change with heart

German Pool Premium Custom Cabinets are available in a variety of styles, from wood grain to colour, from metal to crystal series of the Sparkle Collection, giving you the freedom to match and highlight the unique home style. The wood grain series adopts imported environmentally-friendly plates from Europe, equipped with over 100 colours and textures, exquisitely cut and not easy to wear. The colour series adopts the renewable artificial plate which is the first choice of modern home building materials. It is light and sturdy, and uses a translucent reflective surface to enhance the sense of space and create a bright color. Gorgeous and stylish freehand space; the metal series adopts high-capacity shaped metal plates, which are easy to care for and durable; as for the Sparkle Collection high-end crystal series launched by Swarovski ®, the fashion elements are integrated into life, suitable for Star-rated luxury hotels, high-end properties and concept exhibition halls, etc., shine, create a new concept of fashion luxury home.

3. Commercial Professional Induction Cooker Series

German Pool commercial professional induction cooker series covers a wide range of different products, from frying stoves, soup stoves, ovens, fryers, flat-top ovens, pasta cookers, barbecue pits to clam-style rice cookers, to meet a variety of professional needs. The whole line of products adopts the latest electromagnetic heating technology, which helps to improve the heat conversion efficiency. It is equipped with intelligent operating system. It is easier and easier to control various stoves. It is more efficient and energy-saving than traditional commercial stoves, creating a more refreshing, comfortable and healthy work. surroundings.

Electromagnetic heating technology Heating faster and more accurate

German Pool commercial professional induction cooker series adopts electromagnetic heating technology, which uses electromagnetic induction heating to make metal cooking utensils heat. Most of the energy is directly transmitted to the pot for heating. When used, the burner is not hot, and the thermal energy loss is higher. Low and faster heating. On the contrary, traditional gas cooking stoves have higher thermal energy consumption and need to input higher power to achieve the same level of output power as the induction cooker. Compared with gas heating, electromagnetic heating can effectively save up to 60% of fuel demand, helping you to greatly Save energy costs.

Flameless and no fumes , safe and comfortable

The heat energy of the traditional gas cooking stove comes from various kinds of gas. The source of the heat is the burner. When the cooking is open, the heat will be dissipated during the transfer to the pot, which will make the kitchen temperature rise sharply. It is also full of soot. On the contrary, the use of induction cooker does not require open flames, coupled with precise temperature control technology, once the temperature of the cookware has reached the specified level, the heating is stopped immediately, and the temperature of the furnace body is relatively low, resulting in less soot, which is used for a long time in the kitchen. The chefs create a safer and more comfortable cooking environment.

Intelligent operation Temperature time at a glance

German Pool commercial professional induction cooker series supports the WiFi remote control system. The chef can use the smart phone or tablet to control various stoves at the same time. From cooking temperature, time, electricity consumption, recipe storage and modification, The app is easy to mess up. Built-in frequency conversion technology can regulate and lock the output power so that it is not affected by voltage fluctuations, and the firepower is stable, ensuring that the quality is consistent.

German IGBT revolutionary intelligent movement

The movement of German professional commercial induction cooker series adopts German-made IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) insulated gate bipolar transistor, which is suitable for high voltage and high current. It can make the induction cooker control the large power supply with very little driving power. Take advantage of the machine's potential; the movement can control the cooking temperature, time, and identify the pot, giving the stove a powerful power locking technology. The movement disassembly procedure is simple. When encountering a fault problem, the maintenance personnel only need to take out the movement and exchange it into a new movement, saving maintenance costs and time.

4. Cooking small appliances

In addition to the various large and commercial products described above, German Pool will also exhibit a number of small cooking appliances during the exhibition! German Pool cooking small household appliances series is known for its diversified products and various types. It is intelligent, environmentally friendly, safe and durable. It can easily satisfy your cooking methods such as frying, frying, boiling, frying, braising, stewing and steaming. The demand, with innovative technology and new design, brings you a different new cooking experience!

Multifunctional Food Processor Series

German Pool multi-function food processor includes natural health machine series, cyclone series, classic series and commercial series. It is equipped with the core technology of broken wall cuisine, which can crush the cell wall of fruits and vegetables and fiber. Release phytochemicals, improve the taste and taste of food, and make simple foods.

Super Almighty Rice Cooker Series

German Pool super versatile rice cooker series combines the advantages of rice cooker, pressure sputum, vacuum sputum, electric cooker and simmering pot. It adopts advanced microcomputer to control cooking pressure and temperature, safe and reliable, and cooking speed is very fast. The abalone stalked belly is specially designed for simmering and stewing. The built-in cooking program automatically adjusts the cooking pressure and temperature, and can fully play the true value of the ingredients!

Inverter Universal Cooker Series

German Pool inverter universal pot series has a variety of automatic cooking programs. It can be used to control all kinds of Chinese and Western foods. It can also adjust the temperature and cooking time of the automatic program. It can be easily set with the large temperature adjustment range and long appointment timing. It is suitable for cooking a variety of different cuisines.

There are more exciting products waiting for you to discover! German Pool invites you to visit the 24th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Trade Show and experience the new German kitchen appliances and kitchen products.