Your Good Helper: Professional High-speed Food Processor
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The presence of the German Pool Professional High-speed Food Processorcan be described as changing the culinary habits of people who are pursuing healthy living. The ultra-high speed combined with high carbon steel blades will bring the peel, fruit seeds and even fish bones to the extreme level and release the ingredients. Intrinsic fiber and nutrition, fully play the beneficial effects of natural health.

A commercial-grade advanced version of the Cyclone series known as the "Almighty King" in the Food Processor Series. German Pool Professional High-speed Food Processor (PHS-200) The usage of DC Brushless Motor (BLDC) is far superior to traditional motor, and it is equipped with a wide range of speeds, combining food processor and professional kitchen blender into one. A variety of functions in one, to suit small and medium-sized restaurants!

DC Brushless Motorcycle More quiet and durable

As a new generation of all-round machine king, German Pool Professional High-speed Food Processor series equipped with the highest level of DC brushless motor in the motorcycle, using magnetic field induction components to drive the motorcycle, more stable and longer than the traditional brush and motorcycle Longer, quieter and more efficient. Because the anti-resistance and stirring power of DC brushless motor are very strong, it can easily make hard food to very fine, and can break the cell, release rich nutrition and promote comprehensive absorption.

The friction during DC brushless operation is extremely small, which makes the friction close to zero wear, and the service life can be more than 10 years. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the noise generated during use, and it can be used with the proprietary sound insulation attached to the machine. The cover, in order to achieve superior noise reduction, can reduce the sound to less than 70 decibels and operate with low noise, making food more comfortable and worry-free!

Super wide speed range Fully versatile

The characteristics of DC brushless motor can be operated at low speed, so that the German Pool Professional High-speed Food Processor is equipped with an ultra-wide speed range of 600 to 15,000 RPM, and with super strong torque, it can handle the smashing procedure that can not be completed by ordinary cooking machines. The low-speed special ten-speed adjustment can be used as a whipping dough, meat stuffing, making Chinese-style wraps such as bread and pancakes, or Western-style snacks.

High speed continues the outstanding performance of the health machine. It has six preset functions. It can be used to break through the wall and cook all kinds of hot and cold sweet and healthy drinks. It can make delicate smoothies, rich soymilk and even smooth soup. No difficulty, even dry grinding of nutrients, can meet all kinds of cooking needs.

The default program includes the exclusive "fruit and vegetable" function, which is tailor-made by the natural juice and nutrition expert Dr. Wu Yongzhi's "Non-Natural Health" vegetable juice whipping secret. Fruits and vegetables are placed in the cup. It is not necessary to slice the fruits and vegetables. The function of "fruit and vegetable" can be used to even the skin and seeds to the extreme level, releasing the natural and healthy plant biochemicals, and easily curing the vegetable juice.

unique accessory design performance jumps

If the motorcycle is the heart of the health machine, the blade and the cup are equal to the limbs of the health machine, and the three complement each other to create the ultimate healthy taste. German Pool Professional High-speed Food Processor equipped with Japanese high carbon steel flat-blade knives, strong cyclone power can effectively reduce the resistance, can easily juice the skin, roots, stems, nucleus and pulp of fruits and vegetables together, while stirring Thick food and dry grinding effect are also quite prominent.

The cup is made of Tritan™ safety material approved by the FDA's authoritative food and drug management. It does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), and the bottom of the cup is patented SmartCorner wave type asymmetric design, which can effectively enhance the flow of ingredients in the cup, 3D Stereo mixing, more even and delicate, let you easily make a variety of dishes!

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