Poultry Shears: A Subtle Sharpness That Lasts!
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How to divide poultry food is a difficult problem for housewives: using a kitchen knife to make a bunch of broken bones, and taking time to remove the broken bones; using scissors, the bones are difficult to cut; It is time-consuming and laborious to tear directly with your hands. The white-cut chicken is also torn into a shredded chicken & hellip; in fact, it takes so much effort to divide the poultry! German Pool Poultry Shears is made of high-carbon steel imported from Germany. It has strong bite force, regardless of raw or cooked, boneless or cut into pieces are handy! A subtle sharpness that lasts!

German Made High Carbon Steel is Strong and Durable

A good poultry shears is nothing more than good steel, sharp and durable. German stainless steel Poultry Shears are made of high-grade carbon steel imported from Germany. Combining the advantages of carbon steel and stainless steel, it has the extremely high strength, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of carbon steel. It also has the rust resistance of stainless steel. The blade has a long-lasting sharpness and a more stable structure.

Equipped with a hidden spiral slingshot to open and close the 3.5mm thick tooth blade to enhance the bite force. The serration effectively prevents the food from sliding, ensuring easy and smooth cutting into bones, joints and hard shells, regardless of chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry. Or seafood, you can clean and cut, cut and cut, no benefit!

Humanized design Safety and health is more satisfactory

German Pool stainless steel Poultry Shears adopts a new ergonomic handle, which is more comfortable than the traditional stainless steel hand, which can maximize the transmission of hand strength and is easy to use. The thumb position is further equipped with a safety switch, and the switch is locked immediately after use to ensure that the scissors remain closed when idle, preventing the user from accidentally scratching the hand and ensuring safety; the concealed spiral slingshot is detachable design. Easy to dismantle and assemble, easy to clean after use, easy and easy to cook with twice the result!

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