A Cool Gadget To Help You Beat The Heat This Summer
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In summer, it is torture for people who are afraid of heat. A portable fan becomes a must-have item! German Pool 2-in-1 USB Mini Fan is light and portable. No matter indoor or outdoor, it can always provide you with a refreshing cool breeze, with LED lights function, whether in bedroom, in office or outdoor activities such as picnic, camping etc. 2-in-1 USB Mini Fan let you go all the way!

Foldable Design

German Pool 2-in-1 USB Mini Fan adopts a foldable design, the height after folding is only about 9.5 cm, the slim shape is small and light, and the rotating base is equipped with non-slip mats and wall hanging holes, and the table or wall is covered. Can be used; USB power supply mode, built-in 4,000mAh large capacity lithium battery, will be automatically charged whenever connected to the power supply, can still use "I section wind speed" and "II section wind speed" during charging, cool air without interruption. Each time it is fully charged, it can be used for up to 10 hours in a row. It has full range of airworthiness and combines light and portable features to greatly enhance the flexibility of the fan. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, let you go to the side!

Easy to Change Wind Speed & Angle

Equipped with 4 kinds of manual stretching angle and automatic swing function, the stretching and swinging angle is 90°, it can push the cool breeze all the time, anywhere; the built-in 4 speeds can be selected, no matter how you want to feel the soft touch of natural breeze, It is also a cool breeze that cools down and cools down. German Po two-in-one wireless cool breeze can meet your needs. At the same time, you can also let the German Pool 2-in-1 USB Mini Fan blow out cool air, its multi-angle circulation air can accelerate the indoor air flow, the cool air is evenly blown to every corner of the room, even if the cold air temperature is adjusted to 25.5 °C, still Refreshing and cool, more energy saving!

Fan Night Lights 2 in 1

Many people have the habit of using the phone in bed at night. It is too bright to turn on the light, but the long-term gaze on the glowing screen in the darkness also causes damage to the eyes. At this time, a dark night light will be yours. The intimate helper.

German Pool 2-in-1 USB Mini Fan intimately combines the fan and the LED light into one. The two functions can be used alone or simultaneously. The LED light function can be turned on before going to sleep, and the eyes can be protected when playing the mobile phone. The soft lighting will not affect sleep. If you need it, you can turn on the fan function synchronously, so that you can easily fall asleep every night and have peace of mind! If you love camping, the German Pool 2-in-1 USB Mini Fan can also light up every night for you, giving you a full sense of security!

is easy and easy to operate

German Pool 2-in-1 USB Mini Fan's control panel has touch-sensing design. There are only two buttons of "wind speed" and "swing". All functions can be completed through these two buttons. Intimately equipped with the child lock function, you can lock the control panel by pressing and holding the wind speed and rocking button for two seconds at the same time. When carrying, you don't have to worry about starting the fan or LED light due to accidental touch. The front grille has a detachable design, and the net cover can be removed with a slight twist to make it easier to clean.

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