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2019-08-24 Promo Special Share

The semester break will be over! It’s time to prepare for the new academic year! No matter you are a freshman or an old-timer, German Pool has already prepared a variety of “Back to U” gadgets to help you complete “5 must-do tasks for college students” – studying, dating, doing part-time job, taking up position in student associations, and living in a student residence hall. Are you get ready to embrace the first taste of independent adult living?

Cook Yourself in Residence Hall

Many college students may consider to apply for living in a residence hall, which is convenient for them to attend lectures, and secondly, it can expand their social network. In residence hall, everything has to be done with your own hands. German Pool small cooking appliances will surely help you a lot in that way.

Student Discount $699 | SRP $799

Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker is extremely lightweight and compact. This rice cooker would not occupy your valuable space in dormitories. Quality maifan stone inner pot is perfect for cooking rice and porridge, steaming and stewing. Healthy and delicious home meal is always ready with one click.

Student Discount $1,088 | SRP $1,280

Cordless Temperature Control Vacuum Kettle offers temperature insulation feature that can last for 12 hours. With precise temperature control down to 5°C, this kettle is convenient to make honey water, hot tea and coffee for your leisure moment. Of course, cup noodle cooking is the most basic feature.

Student Discount $399 | SRP $590

Body of turquoise colour definitely attracts the eye balls of girls. This Toaster (Special Edition) offers 6 types of toasting degree. Bread slots are wide enough to fit for different thickness of breads. With crunchy toast for breakfast, every day will be a good morning!

Assisting You to Organize Activities

To expand social network, the best way must be to take an official position in student associations. Through actively participating a lot of extracurricular activities, you hit it off with buddies very quick.

Student Discount $1485 | SRP $1980

Built-in 18 preset functions, providing 40-240 ° C and 9 hours and 59 minutes of power range and preset timer, this Auto Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker is suitable for a group of friends to eat hot pot together!

Student Discount $1,335 | SRP $1,780

Foldable Jet Steamer is designed for many people sharing, 3 levels of steaming baskets can be expanded to 18.8 liters of large capacity. Easy to prepare steamed seafood, vegetables, meat, etc.

Saying Goodbye to Being Single

During the graduation season, some of classmates around you are saying goodbye to being single one by one. If you also look for new relationship, you have to prepare a lunch box or soup in order to please your beloved one.

Student Discount $699 | SRP $820

With 700 ml of capacity, the Portable Soup Kettle is enough to fill two bowls of nutrition nourishment soup. With up to 5 hours of heat preservation, you can cook a meal with boiling, stewing or double-boiling easily by simply pressing a button.

Student Discount $2,380 | SRP $3,400

Professional High-Speed Food Processor - With high-speed for over 23,000 rpm, the motor blends the ingredients thoroughly with cell wall breaking, extracting rich nutrient fiber to make soup, juice or smoothie.

Dressing in Appropriate Attire for Part-time Job

To learn to be financial independent, you have to do part-time job or internship job on spare time to earn extra income, while taking the first step for your career prospect. No matter you are attending to interview or going to work, you must dress neatly. An all-round iron is your must-have item which can also be used for year project presentation.

Student Discount $697 | SRP $2,320

2 in 1 Cordless / Corded Steam Iron is compatible with corded and cordless operation, and it can be handled vertically with powerful jet steam. The ironing tasks become more convenient and simple. You will give a good impression to the others in neatly dressed when you seeking jobs, going to work and doing presentation.

Reboot' Your Brain and Refresh Your Focus

In addition to enjoying the final campus life, you must plan for the future and gain higher GPA scores and first honor graduation. Of course, you must always refresh your focus and study hard! A coffee maker which can make a cup of exquisite coffee is the key of success.                                                                                                            

Student Discount $999 | SRP $1,580

This Capsule Coffee Maker includes 4 coffee adaptors which make it compatible to capsules, coffee bags and ground coffee. Streamlined body is stylish and slim. Built with water tank of 0.6 liter capacity, it always ready to brew 30 small cups of coffee. Taste it! Share it!

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