Autumn Nourishment Couldn't Be better with German Pool

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The weather is much cooler now that we have reached October. According to traditional Chinese herbal theories, the body is affected by heat and our immune system compromised. Many people are coughing while others have allergy or flu-like symptoms. Therefore, other than bringing a jacket to avoid catching a cold during morning and evening, it makes sense to take care of the diet, adding more nutritious food to nourish the lungs, to enhance the digestive system and to dissipate the heat. German Pool helps by providing some healthy tips to use alongside with German Pool electrical appliances.

Nourishing to the lungs and skin

From now on until December 8, 2019, in addition to the discount enjoyed by Autumn Promotion, purchase of German Pool Deluxe Delicacy Cooker (SCB-103) at any German Pool Cabinetry & Appliance Show Rooms will come with a “Four Seasons Recipe” Cookbook (while stock lasts).

Bird's nest is the best for autumn with its rich content of collagen. It can nourish the lungs and stop coughing. It also has moisturizing effect to the skin, giving it supple texture and helps improve the complexion. In addition, pumpkin, yam, lotus root and other autumn ingredients also have a very good moisturizing effect.

To make a perfect nourishing soup, the key is mastering the cooking time and heat. With 7 preset cooking programs available catering for different ingredients, any novice cook will become a master chef using German Pool Deluxe Delicacy Cooker (SCB-103). The nutrients of expensive ingredients like ginseng and cordyceps will be well preserved, as the stew pot is bathed in water and separated from the direct heat of the outer pot.

It is also good news for those who go to work. Simply put all ingredients in the pot and set the timer, the pot will start and finish cooking at your desired time, with no need for a designated person to look after it. What is more, it can keep warm for 12 hours. You can always go home to a sumptuous meal.


Nourishing the stomach and spleen

From now on until December 8, 2019, in addition to the discount enjoyed by Autumn Promotion, purchase of Seafood Delicacy Cooker (URC-36) at any German Pool Cabinetry & Appliance Show Rooms will come with a “Stainless Steel Knife Set (6 pcs)”(while stock lasts).

The digestive system will definitely be weakened after eating so much cold and icy food during the summer. According the theories, it is best to nourish the stomach and spleen with grains and foods rich in collagen, so cooking soup and congee would be ideal. It will help to restore energy and recover from fatigue during the autumn.

Recommending the German Pool Seafood Delicacy Cooker (URC-36), with preset programs, it masters the cooking time and temperature like a master chef, let the precious ingredients like abalone and sea cucumber cooked in a perfect dish. Choosing a setting from 1 to 99 minutes, you can use the pot to cook rice, make soup or congee with ease.


Full body moisturizing and dissipating heat

From now on until December 8, 2019, in addition to the discount enjoyed by Autumn Promotion, purchase of Sous Vide Pro Slow Cook Circulator Deluxe Set (SVC-313W) at any German Pool Cabinetry & Appliance Show Rooms will come with a Set of Vacuum Zipper Bags VAS-SET1 (10pcs / Standard)”(while stock lasts).

It is recommended to eat more fruits and veggies in the autumn. Because the body heat gathered from the summer is hard to dissipate in autumn when it is dry with little rain despite being cooler. Problems such as coughing and acne are very common.

Cooking slow and in low temperature is a good way to preserve food nutrients, especially for cut of meat and fruits. Vacuum treatment of vegetables and fruits is also effective to reduce oxidation and avoid damage to fibers. It is best for making salads and desserts such as pear soup.

With Sous Vide Pro Slow Cook Circulator Deluxe Set (SVC-313W), precise temperature control allows accurate cold simmer for the whole process. Mobile phone app is available for easy access. It is equipped with a 360° water circulation to ensure even temperature. Achieving the desired cooking effect is effortless so everyone can be a Michelin chef!


More amazing offers

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Portable Soup Kettle (KTM-104)

Boil water, soup making, steaming, and keep warm, all done in one button. Whether making soup or cooking lunch, this kettle makes it super convenient and easy.

Auto Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker (DFC-918)

With 18 preset cooking functions such as steaming, grilling, frying, baking, hot pot, ice-cream and yogurt-making, this multifunctional cooker is a must-have item in your kitchen.

Professional High-Speed Food Processor (PRO-M1)

Food nutrient absorption is maximized by liquefying peels, seeds and pulp of fruits and vegetables for cold juices and dissolving fish bones for hot soup. The blender cup doubles as a gym bottle.

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