Autumn Clearance Sale Up to 90% Off on Display Items

2019-10-16 Promo Share

German Pool Autumn Clearance Sale is about to start! Come visit our Repair and Customer Service Center from October 19 to October 26. Some display and demo items of selected products are for sale as low as 90% off, while stocks last. They include 3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill (KQB-114, Ultimate Rice Cooker (URC-14R, Halogen Cooking Pot (CKY- 288, Mini Blender (BLD-M25, SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set (SVC-108) and various water heaters and air conditioners. Act now and don't miss out this chance.

Three Crazy Sale Zones, Don't Miss Out

Don’t wait, dash to the three Crazy discount zones now - "90% Off Zone", "Water Heater Zone" and "Air-Con Zone". All products are 90% off at the "90% Off Zone"; all products are up to 60% off at the “Water Heater Zone"; and at the "Air-Con Zone", buy 2 Air-Cons and get the second Air-Con at HK$1.

Top Up Discount, Buy More, Save More

When you purchase two or more products with a discounted total of $1,000 or more, you can enjoy an extra 10% discount on the entire bill. Buy more and save more. Don’t waste this great opportunity, come and load up on your favorite products, while stocks last.

Date:October 19 to October 26, 2019

Time:10 am to 7 pm

Address:10/F, Kowloon Godown, 1-3 Kai Hing Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Exit B6, Ngau Tau Kok Station)

Enquiry:+852 2773 5100


More Offers:

Discounted Price:$1,299 
Retail Price:$2,180 

Discounted Price:$464 
Retail Price:$2,320 

Discounted Price:$163 
Retail Price:$1,630 

Discounted Price:$99 Retail Price:$590 

Discounted Price:$799 Retail Price:$1,380 

Discounted Price:$3,864 Retail Price:$6,440 

Discounted Price:$3,522 Retail Price:$5,870 

Discounted Price:$296 Retail Price:$1,480 

Discounted Price:$1,136 Retail Price:$5,680 

Discounted Price:$1,956 Retail Price:$3,260 

Discounted Price:$2,126 Retail Price:$3,600 

Discounted Price:$1,908 Retail Price:$3,180 

Discounted Price:$2,892 Retail Price:$4,820 

Discounted Price:$199 Retail Price:$370 

Discounted Price:$32 Retail Price:$320 

Discounted Price:$1,099 Retail Price:$1,980 

Discounted Price:$699 Retail Price:$1,180 

Discounted Price:$799 Retail Price:$1,450 

Discounted Price:$299 Retail Price:$580 

Discounted Price:$999 Retail Price:$1,880 

Discounted Price:$999 Retail Price:$1,980 

Discounted Price:$1,999 Retail Price:$4,670 

Discounted Price:$3,870 Retail Price:$6,450 

Discounted Price:$199 Retail Price:$398 

Discounted Price:$1,692 Retail Price:$3,190 

Built-In All-Zone FlexInduction Cooker GIC-DF28B (Display items)

Discounted Price:$5,012 Retail Price:$7,710

6-in-1 Hand Blender Combo PRG-660 (Display items) 

Discounted Price:$94  Retail Price:$940

Discounted Price:$889 Retail Price:$1,980

Discounted Price:$199  Retail Price:$480

Discounted Price:$699  Retail Price:$1,140

Discounted Price:$161  Retail Price:$1,610

Discounted Price:$799  Retail Price:$1,220

Discounted Price:$799  Retail Price:$1,220

Discounted Price:$799  Retail Price:$1,980

Discounted Price:$799  Retail Price:$1,380

Discounted Price:$99  Retail Price:$300

Discounted Price:$699  Retail Price:$1,180

Discounted Price:$499  Retail Price:$980

Discounted Price:$99  Retail Price:$350

Discounted Price:$99  Retail Price:$300

Discounted Price:$3,702  Retail Price:$6,170

Discounted Price:$299  Retail Price:$599

Discounted Price:$239  Retail Price:$400

Discounted Price:$999  Retail Price:$1,920

Discounted Price:$99  Retail Price:$300

Discounted Price:$169  Retail Price:$350

Discounted Price:$2,610  Retail Price:$3,600

Discounted Price:$699  Retail Price:$1,580

Discounted Price:$3,600  Retail Price:$6,000

Discounted Price:$199  Retail Price:$480

Discounted Price:$3,522  Retail Price:$5,870

Discounted Price:$2,856  Retail Price:$4,760

Discounted Price:$530  Retail Price:$1,190

Many other products included in the autumn sale, please come check it out.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices and photos above are for reference only. 
  2. The above special offers are only available while stocks last. 
  3. All display items enjoys a 6-month warranty. Warranty is not available on products in "Demonstrated Item Zone", "90% Off Zone" and "Air Conditioner Zone".
  4. Shoppers must check the condition of the item before payment. No return nor exchange after transaction.
  5. "Additional 10% off" offer is applicable to purchases of 2 or more items and total amount of $1,000 or more. (Discounted items listed "70% off" or more not included)
  6. Cash and credit cards are accepted. (Minimum charge for credit card purchases: $1,000)
  7. "$1 Special" applies to the item with the lower price (5 sets only) while supply lasts. 
  8. German Pool reserves the right of final decision on pricing and return/exchange.