Year of the Rat: A fresh new start
2020-01-07 Special Share

2020 is the year of Rat in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Traditional Chinese family buys new things and cleans their house before Chinese New Year to wish having good luck in the coming year. 

Lunar New Year Cleaning

Effectively Eliminate Mites & Germs
Anti-Mite UV Sterilising Cleaner (MKC-103)

The highly effective germicide system cleans your bed thoroughly through 3 steps. Firstly, is adopting the powerful G12 motor, the generated 12kPa cyclone suction force can effectively eradicate dust mites and allergens. Second, vibration pads vibrates up to 3,000 pats/minute, the pads can effortlessly detach tough dust mites. For the third step, UV Sterilisation Tube performs dust removal and disinfection at the same time.

2-in-1 Vertical & Flat Iron No More Bulky Ironing Boards
Handheld Garment Steamer (IRH-112)

Equipped with the diamond-grooved ironing plate and high-pressure jet steam technology, the Handheld Garment Steamer can iron different types of garments vertically or horizontally without an ironing board. The stainless steel material conducts heat quickly and even, ensuring a swift and easy ironing experience. The anti-stick and anti-scratch ironing plate concentrates the heat energy and smoothen creases from all angles, protecting your garments while also beautifying them.

Lunar New Year shopping

Time to upgrade your kitchen to a 'smart' level before the year of rat.Super Inverter DC Motor Range Hood (RDC Series) , Steam and Grill Oven(SGN-B4021) and the SlimLine Series can help rebuilding an ideal kitchen!

25 Fan Speed Intervals Highest Speed at 2800 RPM
Super Inverter DC Motor Range Hood (RDC Series)

As one of the most powerful range hood models on the market, the Digital Inverter Motor Intelligent Range Hood features a 24-interval fan speed range: from Level 1 at 850 RPM for prolonged ventilation, to Turbo Boost mode at 2,800+ RPM. This range hood gives your supreme control precision, boosting both energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. After initiating the self-degreasing function, the range hood automatically heats up for 10 minutes to melt the grease accumulated in the collector and the inner body, then starts ventilating to expel the grease. No need for any dissembling or washing, and the range hood is always kept sparkly clean!

Freestyle Cooking Trendsetter Preserves Food Nutrients & Taste
Steam and Grill Oven (SGN-B4021)

As an amalgam of the steamer and the oven, the brand new Multi-Functional Steam Oven locks the moisture and taste in food with steam, and gives it crispiness with the 3D baking function. With the 8 preset functions, now you can easy make your own artisanal cuisine with ease and convenience. With the 31 recipe presets including pizza, yoghurt, cheesecake and baguette, you can turn into a cooking pro in no time. The Multi-Functional Steam Oven always got your back, and anyone can make delicious food at home.

Slim Line Series

Breaking the limitations of built-in home appliances, this 45 centimeter space saver was especially created for modestly sized kitchens. Combining multiple functions in one, maximizing the utility of even the smallest spaces. Professional performance brought into the home, with the added care and attention to detail. Slim Line Series includes: Oven, Dishwasher, Range Hood and Induction Cooker.

450mm Slim Line Built-in Oven (EVB-120)

The Upper and lower heating allows heat to evenly distribute throughout the interior corners of the oven. Waves of circulated heat that seals in the juices for enhanced flavors. Compact Space Saver, 450mm Slim Line Built-in Oven (EVB-120) boasts unprecedented extra large chamber; roasting capacity up to 55 litres. Easily preparing food for an entire party.

450mm Slim Line Built-in Dishwasher (DWH-221)

450mm Slim Line Built-in Dishwasher (DWH-221) built with a large interior. Dual layer designed innovative basket system maximizing the space inside. Washing a 9 person load will be quick and simple. Water shower Incorporated in the 3D Spray Technology for complete coverage of the dishwasher. Effectively cleaning dishes and utensils, leaving your kitchenware pristine and safe to use.

Slim Line Chimney Type Range Hood (RHP-400)

All new Slim Line Chimney Type Range Hoods with 495 and 595mm widths break traditional design. The slender body allows the range hood to fit into any kitchen. Tilted design extends exhaust power allowing for all-around clean.

Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker (GID-AS28B)

Cooking is best when done with the cookware and the heat you desire. 2,800W of power is available in 2 rings and 10 levels for stir-frying, slow-cooking, and every cooking method in between.

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