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2020-02-07 Special Share

Being vigilant about the coronavirus is important, but we mustn’t forget that February to May is also high flu season. Do take care to keep warm at all times; with Spring’s chilly nights and warm days, one can easily get the sniffles, especially young children and the elderlies. German Pool has some pointers on how to fight against colds. We wish everyone good health, and please take good care of yourself!

1. Keep warm to avoid catching a cold

February’s weather is unpredictable. When outdoors, dressing in layers is the way to go. Dressing too warm or too little can both get you sick. At home, warm up the bathroom before bathtime makes all the difference, especially if you have babies, elderlies or family members with chronic weaknesses.

The versatile Portable Bathroom Heater (HTW-320) can be mounted on walls, hooked onto towel racks or simply stand free on desktops. 2 heating modes to keep you warm, plus a cooling fan function to facilitate air circulation. Rated IP23 Dust & Water Resistant, HTW-320 is extra safe to use in the bathroom. Especially when you have babies or elderlies at home, warming up the bathroom and towels before bathtime can avoid them getting chilly. Then take the heater with you into the living room, bedroom or nursery afterwards to keep everyone warm and toasty.

Or try the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater (HTB-148) with PTC ceramic heating elements. 8-inch slim design can fit in most bathroom windows, installation is easy with no additional parts needed, perfectly replacing your old exhaust fan. Energy-efficient 1400W high power heating warms up the room fast but uses little electricity; Ventilation and Circulation functions keep your bathroom well-aired; and Anion Air Purification function effectively purifies the air and suppresses mildew from growing on your laundry and towels.

DC Motor SlimTower Bladeless Heater & Fan (EFB-326H) is especially tailored to HK’s weather. Warm Breeze Function and PTC Ceramic Heating element produce up to 1800W non-drying warm air, while Cool Air Mode delivers a cool breeze. Now even with warm days and chilly nights, you won’t have to crowd the room with two appliances, the SlimTower will provide a comfortable ambience for your whole family young and old, anytime of the day.

2. Regular Exercise to Strengthen The Body

Exercise will always do you good. With regular exercise, your muscles can generate more heat, raising your body temperature and increase your metabolism rate, even the white blood cells in your immune system will work better. 20-30 min aerobic exercises a day can strengthen your heart and lungs as well! As for those working in an office, even a little stretching before/after lunch can strengthen your muscles.

3. Shampoo and bathe with warm water daily

Of course you need to shower after exercising, but did you know that taking a warm bath or shower every AM/PM helps warm your body AND your blood vessels to dilate, thus improving blood circulation? Also, at the early onset of a cold, a warm bath/shower can help alleviate symptoms. However, if you have a heavy cold or fever, it is not advisable to take long baths.

Keeping your hair clean is a vital but often overlooked aspect. Viruses and germs often get deposited onto our hair through air droplets, so you ought to wash your hair thoroughly before laying your head on the pillow! When shampooing, lean backwards and wash hair from front to back, to avoid getting germy shampoo suds near your eye area!

German Pool Instantaneous Water Heater series are made in Germany using world-leading water heating innovations. Equipped with dynamic flow control technology, IWH heaters heat only the necessary amount of water, thus saving a great deal of resources and energy. The full series complies with German VDE and European CE safety standards and is awarded EU Class A Energy Efficient Label.

The series comes in Deluxe, Compact and Mini Series. Deluxe and Compact Series equipped with intelligent electronic technology, heat water instantly and maintain a constant and comfortable temperature. Slim and easy to install, most models support multi-point use, providing sufficient hot water for normal daily usage such as bath/shower, hand or dish washing. Mini Series is designed for single-point application, ideal for kitchen sinks or bathroom wash basins.

4. Get Plenty Of Good Sleep

Sleep is vital to your health. If you don’t rest well in the night, not only will it affect your concentration, your immunity system will suffer as well, making you more susceptible to colds and flus. Setting an early bedtime and getting at least 7 hours of sleep are the best ways to help your body rejuvenate and strengthen your immune system.

Regularly deep cleaning your mattress can also help you sleep better. In fact, dust mites not only irritate your skin and cause rashes, they can also lead to allergic rhinitis, even asthma. German Pool Anti-mite UV Sterilising Cleaner (MKC-103) utilizes a with a highly effective 3-step germicidal system to thoroughly deep-cleanse your bed inside and out!!

  • Step 1: powerful g12 motor generates a 12kPa cyclone suction force to eradicate dust mites and allergens;
  • Step 2: 3000 pats/min vibration pads dislodge deep-seated mites and they get guzzled up by the cyclone motor together with dead skin cells, hair and dust;
  • Step 3: Powerful UV Sterilisation Tube effectively annihilates 99% of germs on beddings, further protecting you and your loved ones’ health.

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