Cooking In The Office Made Easy With German Pool

2020-04-01 Special Share

COVID-19 is striking terror worldwide. Hospital staffs around the world are pleading with us to “Stay At Home For Them”. Then good ol’ Boris got infected. And the LKF episode really struck home. It dawned on us that maybe we are not as invincible as we thought. It’s time to reconsider if we should be eating out.

Now with the government’s latest ban on gatherings of 4 persons or above, it’s not even a choice anymore. It’s not only risky, it’s downright breaking the law! And we are not only talking about dinner, but lunch as well. Dial a lunch? Sure you can do that. But have you considered if the person handling the takeout is clean? The cook, the delivery boy? The cellophane box it came in? So how about making your own lunch?

Making your own lunch at the office seemed infeasible. You’ve only got 1 hour afterall. But…is it? With German Pool portable lunch gadgets, making your own fresh hot meal in the office is really not that complicated!

Introducing Gadget #1:
German Pool Bento Steam Cooker FSL-103

Office lunch should be quick and simple, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good! This versatile little lunch box cooker comes with 4 compartments, enough for 1 soup, 1 rice and 2 portions of meat or vegetables, just the right amount to provide you with enough ‘fuel’ to last till dinnertime! Fits right in with your individual lifestyle, be it low fat, high fibre, low carb, high protein…the variety of courses are endless.From now on, you decide your own Set Lunch ABC’s! There are a lot of lunch box cookers on the market, but FSL-103 is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, so you can rest assured you are not eating in any toxic materials. And it comes with 6 different steaming modes
( steam/reheat/soup/congee/dessert/keep warm), and 4-hr keep warm function, so you can eat whatever whenever, totally up to you.

Did I say fresh lunch?

Yes, the Bento Steam Cooker is not a re-heater, it can cook a complete hot meal from raw to done in 30 minutes. It doesn’t take up much space, so just put it on your desktop, plug it in at 12:30 to start cooking, and your fresh hot meal is ready at exactly 1pm, gving you ample time to enjoy a relaxed long lunch. Comes in a gorgeous shade of Angelic Blue and a cool Stylish Grey to match your aura.

Introducing Gadget #2:
German Pool Maifan Stone Mini Rice Cooker SRC-204

Ever heard of a stone called the Maifan?
Maifan stone is a kind of mineral rock rich in micro-nutrient elements that are essential to a healthy human body, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium etc., whilst raising pH alkalinity levels in water. Cooking with maifan stone not only makes rice more fragrant, it is beneficial to your health, hence winning it the name of ‘longevity stone’. With 400W firepower, German Pool Maifan Stone Mini Rice Cooker is cute and compact but packs a punch. Just mix in meat or vegies of your choice, press one button, and in 25 minutes, your one-pot rice is cooked to perfection. The 0.8L capacity is perfect for 1-2persons. Make your own “rice bowl” in the office for lunch today!

Take it home at the end of the day, to make tasty casseroles, congees, stews even desserts for dinner at home with your honeybun, then set the 24-hr timer for a hot congee breakfast tomorrow!

Introducing Gadget #3
German Pool Portable Soup Kettle KTM-104

Sitting in the office all day can dehydrate your skin, leaving you thirsty inside and out. Also with the coronavirus outbreak, people are social distancing, you can’t even go to yoga class anymore. Stress level is through the roof! And when you are stressed, toxins accumulate, and your immunity suffers. At this time, a good tisane works wonder. A good Chinese soup is even better! German Pool Portable Soup Kettle is perfect for the job. Just plug it in at your desk, and soon you can enjoy steamy hot and highly nutritious sweet or savoury soups. Can make congees, even cook noodle and macaroni with it!

The soup pot is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, totally toxin-free, so safe you can even make baby formula with it. Fold away the handles and it fits in the corner of your desk perfectly. 700ml capacity holds 2 full cups, and the inner pot that comes with the kettle is perfect for concocting those perfect tisanes or ginseng elixirs. The kettle can keep warm for 5 hours, so one cup for lunch, one cup for the end of the day, perfectly replenishing the hydration we all so desperately need.

Introducing Gadget #4:
German Pool Portable Coffee & Tea Maker CMH-80

You know what would be great after that yummy lunch you made with gadgets 1 thru’ 3? The perfect cuppa joe! Well, if you don’t want to settle for that ‘meh’ coffee in your pantry, you have got to give this gadget a try.

This lightweight and handy gadget is just the size of a torch, no wires attached, so you can take it anywhere with you, even fits in a lady handbag or your jacket pocket! German Pool Portable Coffee & Tea Maker doesn’t require electricity. Just give that hand pump 10-12 pushes, and hey presto! You get a fresh aromatic hand-crafted coffee in an instant. Its high extraction rate is comparable to traditional espresso machines, with that rich layer of crema on top!

Why bother running the COVID-19 gauntlet to that corner coffee kiosk, when you can have your very own barista at your beck and call?


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