Revolutionary 3-in-1 air purifier heater and fan: Purifies every corner of your home!

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The 3-in-1 SlimTower Air Purifier Heater & fan is especially designed for HK's climate, air-purifier + cool fan + ceramic heater modes make it convenient for daily use all year round. Even on days when it's warm in the afternoon but chilly in the evening, through wet or dry, the 3-in-1 SlimTower will still take good care of your loved ones. This is one appliance you won't store away when the seasons change.


1. Exceptional air purifying power

Radioactive gases emitted from construction materials, volatile organic compounds from household items, particulate matters blown in from windows, viruses hitchhiked home on our clothes, plus uncountable molds, allergens, second-hand smoke, etc. are all "invisible killers" in your home, leading to allergies, asthma, virus infection, even cancer!

Revolutionary PWF-HEPA 13 Purification Technology: One filter to catch'em all

HEPA 13 High Efficiency Anti-Microbe Anti-Mold Filter with Revolutionary PWF Technology has 3 distinct layers – outer filter + anti-bacterial and anti-viral PuraWard fabric with ionized silver & copper + HEPA 13 filter, effectively capturing PM2.5 particulate matters and 99.9% air pollutants, ridding your indoor environment of harmful substances.

Scientifically proven to effectively filter out harmful viruses

Through repeated scientific testing, the EFB-P20H Filter System is proven to effectively filter out various common viruses, even SARS-associated coronavirus, while simultaneously inhibiting mold bacteria from forming even under 90%1 humid circumstances.

360° Double Ring Filtering System: Captures pollutants with no blind spot

360° Double Ring Air Inlet at the base provides super strong suction, capturing air pollutants from all around.

Bladeless Air Jet Technology: Enhances Purification Effect

Innovative bladeless air circulation technology effectively forces air from the base of the unit up through a 70cm extended wind tunnel, producing a strong current of air flow, further enhancing air circulation and purification effect. With 80° wide angle oscillation and bladeless air jet technology deliver purified cool or warm breeze to every corner of the room.


2. Cool breeze for those hot summer days

Perfect team with air conditioner: Saving electricity with same comfort level

The Cool Air mode effectively blows cool air to every corner of the room. Set your air conditioner to 25.5°C, turn on this extremely eco-friendly mode, and let the whole room maintain high on coolness but low on electric bill.


1800W PTC ceramic heating: Soft & non-drying warm air

Heats up fast, reaching temperature of 30 °C. What's more, the warm air is soft and nondrying! With the Intelligent Automatic Sensor, the 3-in-1 SlimTower takes the shortest time to arrive at the preset temperature precisely and turns off the heat, so it is most energy-efficient and eco-friendly.


3. Heater to warm you through the winter

Highest Standard: Brushless Direct Current Motor

Equipped with the highest quality Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor and magnetic field sensing elements, the 3-in-1 SlimTower is more stable, durable, energy-efficient and silent. In Cool Mode, the operating power can be low as 30W, with noise level at only 56 decibels, giving you the most comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Slim & Sleek Patented Design: Space-Saving & Matches Your Décor

3-in1 SlimTower Air Purifier Heater & Fan exemplifies the best modern design. Its patented slender and streamlined design hardly takes up any space, the 29 cm base can fit into tight corners. Chic black with aluminum air outlet, it is stylish and goes well with any décor.

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