What You Don’t See, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There!

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With the coronavirus raging through town, and face masks supply still scarce, you’d naturally feel safer and protected sitting in your own car instead of having to take public transport. Or…are you??? What you may not realize is that your car may actually be a germ and bacteria hotspot!


Clothes, hair, hands may already be infested with germs, which you directly bring into your car!

Having trodden through streets and alleys, the soles of your shoes will transfer all the icky germs onto the rugs in your car, creating a virtual bacteria hotspot!

Enjoying cool AC on a hot day? Outside germs are actually creeping into your car through the vents!

Every time you open the car door, you are inadvertently ‘welcoming’ billions of germs into your car!

You can't stop the bacteria and viruses simply follow you into your car.

According to the findings of a French Health Journal, your car carries more germs than a toilet bowl! And because the car interior is warmer and more humid than outside, it is a germ and bacteria hotspot, especially after eating or doing makeup in your car, the germs immediately multiply like crazy! So you thought you could take off your mask and breathe nice and easy while sitting in your car. Now that you know, do you still think so?

Don't you want to share your car with zillions of bacteria. Your Virus Buster is here!

German Pool introduces the new 2020 car interior virus buster – New Upgraded  Portable Air Purifier (PUP-113),one handy gadget that has a whopping 4 Level Filtration System, including HEPA, active charcoal filter and 10 million anions, filtering out 99.98% PM 2.5 virus and allergens, even aerosols* effectively. 360° In/Out filtering design purifies the air in every nook and cranny of your car interior, obliterating that bacteria hotspot, annihilating all those ‘invisible’ germs, safeguarding your health and hygiene!

2020 Anti-viral Recommendation:

New Upgraded German Pool Portable Air Purifier (PUP-113)

*CAS Test Technical Services Co Ltd (Ref: JKK180815-02E)

Wearing a mini air purifier around your neck is enough? Well, think again!

Portable Air Purifier PUP-113 — 4X Filtering & Purifying System Rid the Germs & Bacteria

Most mini air purifiers on the market only comes with anion filtration, protection levels are relatively low. German Pool Portable Air Purifier has a 4-level filtration and purifying system to effectively rid 99.98% of bacteria in the car interior, offering you all round protection:

1st level:blocks out hair, skin flakes, dust and other large particles;

2nd level:HEPA filter traps 99.98% 0.3µm (PM 2.5) bacteria, germs, allergens, even aerosols *

3rd level:Active charcoal filter absorbs formaldehyde, exhaust air, smoke and odors;

4th level:10 million anions neutralize bacteria and contaminated particles.

**CAS Test Technical Services Co Ltd (Ref: JKK180815-02E)


Portable Air Purifier PUP-113 — 360° In/Out airflow design for all round purification

35°Slanted Air Outlet

360°In/Out Filtering Design

Most mini air purifiers you string around the neck only has a meagre 1 metre effective range (approx. 3ft),but German Pool Portable Air Purifier PUP-113 has an extended range of 100ft, effectively purifying the whole car interior, letting you drive around with peace of mind.


360° air inlet is designed to fit snugly in yet not blocked by your cup holder, effectively sucking in air and promoting all round air circulation.


Aerodynamically designed 360° all round air outlet and 35° slanted slot valve effectively reduces air resistance and noise while increasing wind output, pushing out high concentration of anions to every corner for all round purification。

Bacteria may kill silently, but stenches are hard not to notice!

Portable Air Purifier PUP-113 — active charcoal rids odors keeping air clean & fresh

In the confined car interior, even the slightest odor, be it cigarette smoke/ sweat/pet/food smells can be offensive. Active charcoal filter can rid all odors instantly, keeping your car smelling fresh and clean.

Portable Air Purifier PUP-113 — offers you the most comfortable driving environment

PUP-113 is USB-powered, simply plug into your car’s USB port and you are good to go. It even has its own USB output interface, allowing you to recharge gadgets while it is in use. Clean white minimalistic design with rainbow gradient backlight matches any car décor. Simple one-touch operation controls TURBO/QUIET/OFF makes it easy and safe to use even when driving.

Besides Cars, Where Else?

Portable Air Purifier PUP-113 is so light and handy, no matter if you are driving, in the office, at home, taking public transport, or simply walking around town, you can use it to purify the air around you; simply plug it into any USB outlet or power bank, and you can instantly breathe in clean fresh and safe air!

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