Back to School, Stay Safe!

2020-05-15 Special New Share

School has been out for 3 months since the coronavirus outbreak, and as the severity of the epidemic is finally subsiding, the Education Bureau has announced that schools will be resuming in a gradual and orderly manner. To minimize the risk of infection, all schools will only provide half-day classes, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down! We must still remain vigilant at all times!

German Pool has a whole series of mobile air purifiers to help you guard against this epidemic from all angles. Portable Air Purifier (PUP-113) will purify your car, office and home, and Personal Air Purifier (PAP-020) you can even take with you wherever you go, providing clean air for you and your kids at all times.

German Pool Personal Air Purifier (PAP-020)
Protecting Your Health 24/7

German Pool Personal Air Purifier (PAP-020)
available in black or white

German Pool Personal Air Purifier releases 20 million* anions, bonding with surrounding contaminated particles and weighing them down, thus diluting pollutant concentration in the air and improving your surrounding air quality. Rest assured your kid will be protected at all times, whether in the classroom, on the school bus or out lunching.

*Actual performance may vary due to environmental factors

80 hours Continuous Purification
No Need to Recharge Everyday

Personal Air purifier charges full in a mere 40 minutes, and run continuously for 80 hours**, providing you and your loved ones with round-the-clock coverage. No need to recharge everyday, definitely a blessing for the busy and the forgetful; and as there are no consumable parts to change or replace, this handy air ionizer is the simplest and most convenient form of protection money can buy!

**Battery capacity may decrease over time

Super Lightweight at Only 35g
Comes with its Own Adjustable Lanyard

35g lightweight and mini, even kids and the elderly folks can wear it with ease. Wear it on its adjustable lanyard, or simply put it in your shirt pocket, or place it on the school desk, and it will take care of you without getting in your way.

German Pool Portable Air Purifier (PUP-113)
Handy Protection in the Car, Home & Office

German Pool Portable Air Purifier - New Upgraded Version with HEPA 13 , comes with 4X Filtering System)一HEPA 13+Active Carbon Filter and 10 million anions, effectively purifying 99.98%*** of PM 2.5 bacteria and allergens in the air. 360° In/Out Filtering Design enhances air purification, circulation and maximum breeze output, especially handy for use in the car, home or office. A must-have for every soccer mom and dad!

***Test report:CAS Test Technical Services Co Ltd (Ref: JKK180815-02E)

1st level:blocks out hair, skin flakes, dust and other large particles;

2nd level:HEPA filter traps 99.98% 0.3µm (PM 2.5) bacteria, germs, allergens, even aerosols *

3rd level:Active charcoal filter absorbs formaldehyde, exhaust air, smoke and odors;

4th level:10 million anions neutralize bacteria and contaminated particles.

*Test reesult: CAS Test Technical Services Co Ltd (Ref: JKK180815-02E)


360° Slanted Slot Air Duct
Enhances Purification Efficiency

35° Aerodynamic Slot Valve

360° All Round Filtering Design

German Pool Portable Air Purifier (HEPA 13) has an effective coverage area of 100 ft2, capable of purifying the whole car cabin, ensuring you’re driving in a clean safe environment!

35° Aerodynamic Slot Valve is designed to reduce air resistance and enhance wind output, enhancing optimal all-round purification and silent operation.

With a raised 360° All Round Filter Design, Portable Air Purifier sits perfectly in your car’s cup holder without being blocked on the sides, minimizing air resistance and maximizing wind output for optimal all-round purification.

Simple Plug n’ Use 1 Button Operation
Won’t Interfere with Driving

PUP-113 is USB-powered, simply plug into your car’s USB port and you are good to go. It even has its own USB output interface, allowing you to recharge gadgets while it is in use. Clean white minimalistic design with rainbow gradient backlight matches any car décor. Simple one-touch operation controls TURBO/QUIET/OFF makes it easy and safe to use even when driving.

Besides Cars, Where Else?

Portable Air Purifier PUP-113 is so light and handy, no matter if you are driving, in the office, at home, taking public transport, or simply walking around town, you can use it to purify the air around you; simply plug it into any USB outlet or power bank, and you can instantly breathe in clean fresh and safe air!

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