Joint Hands and Fight the Third Wave of Virus with German Pool

2020-07-14 Special Share

The Covid-19 pandemic is back in full force! Clusters of cases have blown up in different parts of the city - restaurants, schools, nursing homes, and even taxi cabs! It’s time to be on high alert, both staying home and going out! Aside from the usual face-masks and hand sanitisers, German Pool adds to your protection and ensure your daily hygiene, both indoors and out, covering all aspects of your daily life. Together, we fight the virus!

Personal Belongings
Disinfect Your Clothes & Bags, Bar the Virus At the door!

Every time you return home from work, after shopping or simply after a stroll, you should beware not to bring germs inside. Whip out your German Pool Handheld Garment Steamer (IRH-112), and let its powerful hot steam give your garments and bags a deep cleansing. Pre-heating in just 20 seconds, it pushes out high pressure steam at 22g/min. Simply hang up your garment, and let the hot jet steam penetrate the fabric to suppress germs and viruses. Coats, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, you name it, we steam it. Keep a steamer in the office and share it with your workmates to disinfect your clothing items.

DIY Simple Soups & Drinks, Boost Your Immunity!

To help fight the virus, personal hygiene is of utmost importance, but a strong immune system is vital too! Absorb more Vitamin C at home with healthy fruit juices, tisanes and soups, and give your immunity a boost! Eating fruits and vegetables is essential to your health, and eating them whole with skin is the healthiest way of all! However, according to US’s EWG Research Report, a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables come with a lot of residual agrochemicals that cannot be washed away with water! German Pool Ozone Fruit & Vegetable Steriliser (OSS-400) turns oxygen (O2) from the air into ozone (O3) to quickly and effectively break down toxic chemicals, and remove harmful bacteria, viruses, pesticides, dirt and bugs on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Use together with German Pool Professional High-Speed Food Processor (PRO-16) to pulverize the fruits and vegetables (with skins and seeds) with its 40,000RPM high speed motor, breaking down the cellulose to release the phytonutrients within. Finally, you can safely consume the complete goodness of fruits and vegetables without worrying about the agrochemicals!

Social Distancing? Home-made BBQ at Its Best!

We all want to minimise the probability of contracting Covid-19, and eating at restaurants is risky business! Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, people have been cooking and dining at home a lot more. But honestly, don’t you miss the fun and sweet tangy smell of BBQ? With the all new German Pool Mini Korean Barbeque Grill (KQB-29E), the longing is finally over! With electronic precision control Dual Heating Elements, this slim and compact BBQ grill heats up fast, sealing in the juice and flavour of meats and vegetables with its unique halogen heating technology together with tubular heating element, rapidly cooking by way of heat conduction, convection and direct heat penetration. Powerful halogen heat forces out the food’s own oil content, which then rolls off the grooved pan into the oil reservoir. The BBQ meat stays juicy without the greasiness, so you can eat as you please without having to worry about your diet!

Don’t Overlook Air Pollution in Your Home!

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging through the city, everyone is practising social distancing and staying home as much as possible, but we mustn’t be tricked into thinking the air at home is clean and virus-free. Air-borne particulates blown in from windows, viruses hitchhiked home on our clothes, gases emitted from construction materials, and volatile organic compounds from household items, as well as countless moulds, allergens, second-hand smoke, etc. are all "invisible killers" to your health!

The all new German Pool 3-in-1 SlimTower Air Purifier, Fan & Heater (EFB-P20H) is designed especially for HK’s climate, taking care of you all year round:

  1. Air-purifying: equipped with HEPA 13 high efficiency anti-bacterial anti-mould filter that can filter 99.9% of air pollutants^
  2. Cool Fan Mode: delivers a strong cool breeze to every corner of the room
  3. Heater Mode: 1,800W PTC ceramic heating element efficiently delivers soft and non-drying warm air to keep you cozy in winter

3-in-1 SlimTower Air Purifier, Fan & Heater keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, while purifying the air in your home at the same time#safeguarding the health of you and your loved ones.

^Test Report: Microbac Report #791-109, #956-102, #956-101

#Actual air-purifying efficiency is subjected to environmental factors, wind speed and relative humidity

Going out

With Covid-19 still terrorising the town, whenever you leave the sanctuary of your home, you must take care to protect yourself and your loved ones! The new German Pool Portable Air Purifier (PUP-113) not only cleans the air in your home, but your car, office and general surroundings as well; and the small and lightweight Personal Air Purifier (PAP-020) lets you breathe in clean air wherever you go, helping you fight the virus wherever you are!

A 24/7 ‘Shield’ You Can Carry With You!

German Pool Personal Air Purifier releases 20 million1anions, bonding with surrounding contaminated particles and weighing them down, making them fall off your immediate vicinity, thus diluting pollutant concentration in the air and improving your surrounding air quality! Being able to run continuously for 80 hours2off a single charge, the Personal Air Purifier provides you and your loved ones round-the-clock coverage even on the day after you forgot to charge! As there are no filters or consumables that need replacement, this handy air ioniser is the simplest and most convenient form of protection money can buy! Weighing only 35g, even kids and the elderly folks can wear this tiny guard with ease. Its adjustable lanyard makes sure the purifier takes care of you without getting in your way.

1Environmental factors may affect this product’s performance.

2Battery performance may decrease over time due to battery degradation, aging, etc.

Rid Your Car of Viruses & Bacteria!

The New Upgraded German Pool Portable Air Purifier comes with 4X Filtering System一HEPA 13+Active Carbon Filter and 10 million anions which can effectively eliminate 99.98%3 of PM2.5 bacteria and allergens in the air. 360° In/Out Filtering Design enhances air purification, circulation and maximises breeze output, whereas the Quadruple Filtering System effectively traps 99.98%* of bacteria in your car, providing you with the utmost protection along your journey:

1st Barrier: Filter Cover blocks out hair, skin flakes, dirt and other large particles;

2nd Barrier: HEPA 13 Filter traps 99.98%* of airborne PM 2.5 viruses, bacteria, allergens, and even aerosols;

3rd Barrier: Active Carbon Filter absorbs formaldehyde, exhaust air, smoke and odours;

4th Barrier: 10 million anions neutralise bacteria and contaminated particles.

The Portable Air Purifier is lightweight and small; besides car cabins, it is easy to carry around with you wherever you go, providing round-the-clock air purification – simply place it on your office desktop, in the bedroom, living room, or even when you are out in restaurants or on public transport. As long as you have a USB power outlet, you can enjoy clean air!

In Car

At Home

At Office

On Job

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