A Yummy and Healthy Quarantine with Cool Cooking Gadgets

2020-08-04 Special Share

With the third wave of the pandemic raging across the city and far from peak, restaurants took a great hit and were highly connected with local case groups. The government has already banned dine-in after 6pm every day, and of course, it’s advisable to cook at home to safeguard our health and safety! This, however, doesn’t mean we are stuck with the familiar homely taste - with German Pool’s ‘Home Chef’ collection, you can easily make a feast and enjoy a virtual world tour on your taste buds!

What’s better than steamed seafood?
German Pool Multifunctional Steam and Grill Oven (SGN-B4021)

A seafood banquet is more than a dream for many! As we probably steer away from having hotpots after the emergence of a ‘hotpot family group’ early in the year, seafood makes a wiser choice to share with friends and family. With German Pool Multifunctional Steam and Grill Oven (SGN-B4021), a low-fat, yummy seafood treat is waiting for you at home!

As an amalgam of the steamer and the oven, the brand new Multifunctional Steam and Grill Oven locks the moisture and taste in food with steam, and gives crispness to barbequed food with the 3D baking function. With the 8 preset functions including steaming, baking, steam-baking, oven-frying, pre-heating, fermenting, de-frosting and scale-removal, you can now make your own artisanal cuisine with ease and convenience.

With the 31 recipe presets including pizza, yoghurt, cheesecake and baguette, you can experiment with multifarious new dishes right at your home, and turn into a cooking pro in no time, even if you are a complete newbie!

Flawless Auto-Spin Air Frying & Baking
German Pool 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer (CKF-215)

When we stay home for the pandemic, it’s commonplace to have sudden cravings for certain food - but what if craving comes to fried chicken and spring rolls? Deep-fry with a huge bowl of oil? Pay a hefty sum for deliveries? Luckily, German Pool’s 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer (CKF-215) lets you prepare healthier, low-fat fried food with our exclusive auto-spin air-frying function.

Air-fryers in the market widely adopt the completely sealed drawer style where we cannot keep an eye on the food while cooking, and have to regularly open the air-fryer to flip the content. Don’t you find it a nuance and a risk for over-frying? The 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer archieves heat penetration with strong halogen waves, and the fortified heat-resistant glass lid enables maximum control over the cooking process. From now on, you can clearly inspect the cooking process and see how ‘golden yellow’ the food is cooked into. Together with the revolutionary 3D rotation technology and a rotary rack, the air-fryer enables thorough and hands-free heating. With just several rolls in the air-fryer, your food is crisp and yummy!

Enjoy Fumeless & Greaseless BBQ at Home!
German Pool 3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill (KQB-300)

Even if you can’t eat out, you don’t have to miss the scrumptious grills outside. The German Pool 3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill (KQB-300) takes seafood and grill feasts back home - your party ground for Korean and Japanese BBQ. Pizzas and okonomiyaki are also a piece of cake, with certain accessories!

The German Pool Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill comes with an infrared heating element that features the heating inverter system and cooks with heat penetration, convection and conduction. The excess fat in the food is forced out, waiving the need for additional cooking oil. What’s more, this way of cooking emits no harmful radiation in the process! Now you can simply stay home and enjoy a healthy, fumeless and flameless indoor barbecue experience, and share the joy with your beloved family!

Play with Kids before You Eat!
German Pool Automatic Dough & Noodle Maker (PAM-281)

Your kids are stuck at home, but their creativity needs an outlet! How about a little gadget you can use with your children, and make the most out of family kitchen fun?

Coming with 6 different nozzles, the German Pool Automatic Dough & Noodle Maker outputs your noodles of choice in 6 minutes, including Cantonese Thin Egg Noodles, Chinese "Dao Xiao Mien", Japanese Ramen, Udon and Angel Hair. With your carefully handpicked ingredients, charcoal noodles, matcha noodles, spinach noodles and beetroot noodles are no longer a faraway dream!

The noodle-making process is completely touch-free, and you don’t have to worry about germs or your shed skin getting into the way. The patented downward extrusion mechanism and the built-in fan prevent noodle strands from sticking together. The fun noodle making process is no doubt the best family toy in the lockdown atmosphere. The transparent kneading chamber not only lets you and your children monitor the process, but also facilitates cleaning, and ensures a safe and enjoyable meal that you make for the whole family.

A super-cooker that rules them all!
Auto Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker (DFC-918)

During the pandemic, hotpots and shabu shabu are also a go-to choice at home apart from grills and seafood. With German Pool’s 18-in-1 Auto Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker (DFC-918), pan-fry, deep-fry, boil, bake or what - you name it, there it is! It can also double as an all-in-one station for Hong Kong hotpots, Japanese sukiyaki, Korean Army Stew and Sichuan chicken bowl!

Besides hotpots, the cooker also masters the art of soup making. The ultra large capacity of 8 liters allows you to make bowls of soup for the whole family. The innovative auto switch technology maintains a stable cooking temperature throughout to prevent excessive vaporization and boiling over, in turn fully preserving the nutritional value of the food for a much healthier diet.

A 5-star Chef at Home
SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Deluxe Set (SVC-313)

A ban on dine-in means a no-go for your favourite Michelin eateries… But how about bringing a Michelin chef back home? The German Pool SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Deluxe Set (SVC-313) is here to precisely recreate Michelin-level cuisines by low-temperature slow-cooking!

SOUS VIDE PRO brings you a whole-new intelligent cooking experience. With a 0°C -95°C wide temperature range, precise adjustment accurate to 0.5°C, accurate time control and thermostatic feature, you can effortlessly control the cooking level! Being a perfect fit to your meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and even vegetables, SOUS VIDE PRO releases the essence of every kind of food, making them extra delicious. With an app in your palm, a flick and a click for your desired recipe, you can leave your food unattended, and our top ‘chef’ will work its way for your private Michelin-level cuisine!

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