Be an 'Office Chef' Right at Your Seat

2020-08-11 Special Share

With the third wave of the pandemic sweeping across the city, mask-wearing became mandatory and gatherings are now restricted to a duo. While these may not be a concern for work-from-home fellows, it may mean a shock for those who still have to go to work. That’s why this time we’re presenting our ‘Office Chef’ collection that lets you cook at ease in your office, and spend your lunch in a peace of mind.

Healthy & Natural
German Pool Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker (SRC-204)

The German Pool Mini Maifan Stone Rice Cooker (SRC-204) is made with high quality maifan stone rich in a variety of natural mineral elements beneficial to your health as they help maintain a normal metabolic level of your body. The 400W rapid heating function cooks rice in only 25 minutes, and is perfect for preparing office lunch. The tiny body of the cooker not only fits your office space but also prepares enough rice for 2 persons, bringing the aroma of your pleasant food to more people and sharing the joy of a low-fat nutritious meal. Supporting up to a 24-hour preset timer, enjoy freshly cooked rice, congee, steamed or boiled food anytime without much of a hassle.

Homemade Quarantine Time Chinese Soups
German Pool Portable Soup Kettle (KTM-104)

Being ‘mask on’ every day in this stuffy and humid summer time is dire for your skin as it dehydrates and pimples emerge, not to account for the high stress we’re all in and the lack of sports that lowers our immunity! The German Pool Portable Soup Kettle (KTM-104) is here to save you - just stay in your place at office, and handily make your immunity-boost soups! Even making congees and cooking noodles won’t be an issue!

The soup kettle adopts a portable design with a retractable handle that saves your precious space on desk. With a 700mL capacity, the soup kettle yields two perfect portions. The stew pot and heating tray are made with food grade 304 stainless steel, a non-toxic and safe solution that locks in the essence of your delicate double-boiled dishes such as bird’s nest and ginseng. A leak-proof seal helps prevent leakage while you carry soups between home and office.

One-man Cooking & Hotpot Fun
German Pool Foldable Travel Kettle (KTT-109)

Ever since the ‘hotpot family’ group that emerged early in the year, ‘hotpot’ has been connected with fear and danger. But what if you suddenly crave for a long-missed hotpot? A one-man hotpot should satisfy your desire less the threat of getting infected!

The German Pool Foldable Travel Kettle (KTT-009) is made of silicone rubber gel which can be stretched or folded. Being only 7.9cm tall when folded, it boils, cooks and keeps as much as 600mL of content between 30℃ and 100℃, all while saving your luggage space. Wanna have a private hotpot or just an instant noodle? Tea or coffee? Herbal infusion? It’s all in there.

Food Keeper and Meal Prep’per
German Pool USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer (VAS-400)

Lately when people try to reduce the frequency of going out, they tend to buy more food in one go. While cup noodles and canned food can sit by the shelf for months or years, vegetables, fish and fresh meat easily go bad. But when you zip them in vacuum, it’s another story!

The German Pool USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer (VAS-400) effectively isolates moisture and air, which helps to block microorganism and bacteria. Food stays fresh for 3 to 5 times longer. The in-box vacuum zipper bags are more durable than traditional ones for a safer storage. Vacuum preservation helps you prepare meals ahead for days to come. Just keep them well-sealed, refrigerated or frozen, and reheat before you feast.

Hand-pressed Aroma on the go
German Pool Portable Coffee & Tea Maker (CMH-80)

A coffee a day makes your perfect work-mate! Yet in the age of pandemic you’d probably avoid frequenting coffee shops. Just try our Portable Coffee & Tea Maker (CMH-80) and make an aromatic brew with your own hands!

This lightweight and portable pal makes coffee and tea without batteries or power connection. Simply push the hand pump and extract coffee with 8 bars of pressure for brewing rich and delicious ‘hand-crafted’ coffee that compares to traditional machine-brewed ones. Coming in the box are two compartments which let you brew from coffee powder, capsules or tea leaves.

We also heartfully recommend Happy Kitchen Coffee Capsules made with 100% premium Arabica beans. The Italian specialty roasting process offers a light and joyful aftertaste that transmits character and intensity into the cup. Just pop in a capsule, and make it your most beloved office enjoyment.