Is This Drinkable? Ask Our New Smart Vacuum Bottle!

2020-08-21 New Share

Saving the environment is everyone’s job. We should all stop using disposable plastic bottles and carry our own reusable water bottle. With the current pandemic situation, carrying a healthy tisane or immunity-boosting drink with you is always a smart idea! Amongst the endless styles of vacuum flasks on the market, you probably want one that keeps your drink warm as much as is multi-functional! The all-new German Pool Smart Vacuum Bottle (SVB-150) not only provides superb insulation but also indicates water temperature AND water quality! The double vacuum design together with stainless steel copper-plated inner coating and silicone seal ring minimize heat transfer across the bottle. By keeping liquids hot, you can do stove-free braising on the go! The real-time water temperature display and TDS water quality testing technology let you know if the water is recommendable for consumption. If that isn’t smart, what else is?

Triple Insulation Technology: Leak-Free Optimal Insulation

The German Pool Smart Vacuum Bottle (SVB-150) utilizes double vacuum design together with stainless steel copper-plated inner coating and silicone seal ring to minimize heat transfer, keeping cold drinks icy cold for those hot summer days, and hot drinks warm for winter days. Insulation power is so strong that you can use it to braise porridges and congees!

Moreover, the high quality silicone seal ring ensures liquids will not seep out and ruin your bag and belongings.


For those hot summer days or after workouts when you need to chill down.


For when you need to take a baby bottle with you. Perfect for newbie parents as you won’t have to make wild guesses!


Triple insulation technology lets you simmer without a stove. Simply add boiling water and let it sit for several hours. Perfect for making porridges and sweet soups.

Real Time Temperature-telling: No More Lip Burns or Brain Freeze!

The German Pool Smart Vacuum Bottle comes with a sensitive temperature sensor. With a tap on the LED screen, the German Pool logo shows up with different colors indicating how warm or cool the content is. Simply enjoy your drink or soup without burning your lips or freezing your brain!

Water Quality Inspection in an Instant

Water quality of different sources are often unpredictable. The Smart Vacuum Bottle is capable of testing the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) # count of the liquid. Water from mountain streams may contain numerous dissolved solids despite looking clean. This Smart Vacuum Bottle is your perfect pal to avoid contaminated water.

How TDS Count Works

Total dissolved solids (TDS) is a parameter that measures the amount of dissolved impurities per litre of water, with a unit known as parts per million (PPM). The lower the TDS count, the better is the water quality *. Smart Vacuum Bottle indicates high quality of content with a green droplet (≤100 PPM), blue icon for good quality (100-350 PPM), and red icon for poor quality (≥350 PPM).

* According to China National Standard for Drinking Water, ≤350 PPM is suitable for drinking. Water with ≥350 PPM should be consumed with caution.

* his product inspects water quality with the parameter of total dissolved solids (TDS), which does not constitute an absolute indication of water quality. This product does not improve water quality. Water that has not been filtered, boiled, or that comes from unknown sources should be consumed with caution.