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2020-09-04 Promo Share

While the Covid-19 scene has seen some signs of letting up, we mustn’t slack off. It’s still preferable to practise social distancing, and stay home as much as possible! To make your #stayhomecation comfier, it’s time to invest in your home, and upgrade your cooking appliances and living environment!

German Pool has selected a variety of home appliances that are essential for every home, big and small, such as the compact 26-litre Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (SGV-2623), the more spacious 40-litre Steam & Grill Oven (SGN-B4021/SGO-2140M), the Smart Vacuum Bottle (SVB-150) that provides superb insulation and can even test water temperature and quality at a glance, the strong vortex Mosquito Trap (MTR-100) that rids your room of mosquitoes, and the 3-in-1 Anti Mite UV Sterilising Cleaner (MKC-112) that doubles as a vacuum cleaner! Making your home nicer naturally draws you back in all the time!

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Your Compact Steam & Grill Oven!
→BUY Free-standing Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (26L) 
→FREE Stainless Steel Knife Set

Only slightly bigger than a toaster oven, the German Pool Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (SGV-2623) packs in loads of fun cooking ideas with an astonishing 26L capacity – easy enough to fit in a whole chicken! Designed specifically for tiny kitchens, it steams, grills and does many more with its 59 pre-set recipes. Just sit back, relax and let this steam oven serve you a scrumptious 5-course dinner in no time.

Steam & Grill Big Time!
→BUY Free-standing Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (40L)
→FREE Stainless Steel Knife Set

Longing to throw a party for more people? Or any of you is a big eater and meat craver? Two of our 40L Multifunctional Steam & Grill Oven (SGO-2140M / SGN-B4021) are also on hot sale. Check them out alongside our 26L model, too!

Superb Insulation + Test Water Temperature and Quality at A Glance!
Smart Vacuum Bottle

Amongst the endless styles of vacuum flasks on the market, you probably want one that keeps your drink warm as much as is multi-functional! The German Pool Smart Vacuum Bottle (SVB-150) not only provides superb insulation but also indicates water temperature AND water quality! The double vacuum design together with stainless steel copper-plated inner coating and silicone seal ring minimize heat transfer across the bottle. By keeping liquids hot, you can do stove-free braising on the go!

The Mosquito Trap That You Can Depend On!
→BUY Mosquito Trap
→FREE Mosquito Lure Agent

With UV light at the optimal mosquito-luring 365nm wavelength and a lure agent that subtly mimics human scent, the German Pool Mosquito Trap (MTR-100) captures those flying squads with its vortex fan and let them dry inside the storage compartment. So what are you waiting for? Beat the squad with us!

Zaps Dust Mites and Germs All in One Go!
→BUY 3-in-1 Anti-Mite UV Sterilising Cleaner

The German Pool Anti-Mite UV Sterilising Cleaner (MKC-112) employs a 4-in-1 germicide system to ensure your bed is thoroughly cleaned. A powerful G12 motor pulls up a 12kPa cyclone suction force to eradicate dust mites and allergens, dual vibration pads dig up as much as 8,000 pats/minute to detach tough mites from your sheets, a UV sterilisation tube disinfects your bedding while you’re getting rid of mites, all while the PTC thermal system generates high heat to exterminate the last dust mites concealed in your bedding. What a guardian to a peaceful, soothing night of sleep after a long day at work or of fun!

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