Your New Bladeless Fan & Warmer is On!

2021-01-13 New Share

It’s winter time when the gale sweeps. What’s more important than to keep you and your loved ones warm and cosy, especially in this pandemic season (again!)? The latest UV-C Air Purifier Heater & Fan (EFB-PCTH) packs air purification, fan breeze and heater warmth all in one chic package. Added with UV-C LED for sterilisation and a HEPA 13 high-efficiency filter, this new pal safeguards your home air quality.

What’s more, it’s controllable right with an app on your beloved phone, or even your smart home portal of choice, if you want to ditch the remote altogether! How can you let this gadget slip away this season?

Summer or winter? It doesn’t matter!

The new UV-C Air Purifier Heater & Fan (EFB-PCTH) comes with 3 modes – High Heat, Low Heat and Cool Fan. A handy appliance for your home throughout the whole year.

High Heat Mode: 2000W high power output and PTC ceramic element for rapid heat-up without drying the environment too much, so you no longer shiver when showering in winter.

Low Heat Mode: An Eco mode that minimises power consumption while maintaining a low-fan warm environment. For ambient days in spring and autumn.

Cool Fan Mode: Pleasant breeze lowers ambient temperature and facilitates indoor air circulation. Pleasing during the warm and humid summer days.

Intelligent Thermostat for Constant Ambience

An intelligent heat sensor of the UV-C Air Purifier Heater & Fan (EFB-PCTH) detects ambient temperature, maintains a constant, comfortable environment, and helps you save on electricity bills.

With its innovative open window detection technology, the UV-C Air Purifier Heater & Fan (EFB-PCTH) knows when to stop heating to avoid wasting electricity when you forget to close the windows.


Filter, Purify,
Safeguard Your Family Health

The latest UV-C Air Purifier Heater & Fan (EFB-PCTH) features UV-C LED sterilisation and HEPA 13 high-efficiency filter. Clean the air at your home. So clean you can feel it.

UV-C LED Sterilisation

Strong UV-C rays quickly and efficiently destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms, killing 99.9% bacteria to ensure the air blown out is clean and germ-free. UV-C disinfection can be activated with one simple tap on the Remote Control or mobile App. A simple tap that gears up your health.

HEPA 13 High-efficiency Filter

Double filter system consisting of a pre-filter and a HEPA 13 high-efficiency filter captures PM2.5 particulate matters and 99.9%* air pollutants, ensuring the air quality inside your home is clean and safe.

*Test Report: GTTC #190119945.