Efficient Mobile Air Conditioning for Homes and Offices

It offers high mobility, freeing you from indoor limitations. Whether it be a bedroom, kitchen or an office, with German Pool’s portable air conditioners you can enjoy instant comfort.

*Measured based on an indoor temperature of 35˚C and a humidity of 80%.

Effective refrigerant

This effective refrigerant can rapidly reduce the room temperature by 8-10 ˚C. It is chlorine-free and does not contribute to ozone depletion.

Chic & Smart Design

The sleek, compact design gives your home a chic vibe. Smaller than ordinary potable air conditioners, it is ideal for compact Hong Kong homes. The all-direction casters deliver extra mobility.

Remarkable Features

R410A Eco-friendly Refrigerant

The powerful refrigerant can rapidly reduce the room temperature by 8-10˚C. It is chlorine-free and does not contribute to ozone depletion.

Independent Dehumidification

The superior independent dehumidifying function keeps your room fresh and crisp all year round.

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How long can I extend the exhaust hose for the Portable Air Conditioner PAC-215/PAC-208?
It is not suggested to extend the exhaust hose further than 2 meters.
My display monitor is showing temperature in Fahrenheit. How do I fix it?
Turn off the air conditioner. Long press the “MODE” button for 5 seconds, wait for a “beep” sound and it will be changed to Celsius.
If I replace my split type air conditioner, can I use the R22 refrigerant pipe in the split type air conditioner using refrigerant R410A?
If your original one is using R22 refrigerant, the refrigerant pipe must be replace by the new one with R410A refrigerant. The reason is that thicker tube wall of pipe is required to resist the higher pressure of “eco-friend” refrigerant, and the lubricating oil remains from R22 refrigerant pipe will damage your new air conditioner.
How to select a suitable air-conditioner for my room?
Choose the suitable air-conditioner by referring to the cooling capacity (kW) on the energy label as well as data regarding cooling coverage. Meanwhile, you also have to pay attention to the type of air-conditioners you are going for. The cooling capacity of the portable type air-conditioners is influenced by the conditions of indoor environment.
Where is the serial number of the Window Type Air Conditioner labelled?
On the right hand side of the unit near the bottom.
Why is my Window Type Air Conditioner noisy?
The sound comes from running water, which is used for radiating.
Will it be difficult to repair my air conditioner using R22 refrigerant in the future?
According to the Ordinance, a total ban on the import of R22 is to be in place in 2020. In addition, R22 is a reusable refrigerant so there will be no problem to repair your air conditioner.
How to choose the air conditioner? Does it mean the higher the HP number, the higher the cooling capacity?
The cooling capacity of air conditioner is not reflected by HP number. By referring to the cooling capacity (kW) on energy label, you can choose a suitable air conditioner and compare the efficiency of power saving. For instance, an air conditioner of “First Class Energy Label” with 2.6 kW (1 HP) cooling capacity is relatively efficient in power saving than that of “Fifth Class Energy Label”.