Cooling, Heating and Dehumidifying Expert Suitable for All Seasons

The Portable Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner comes with 4 auto modes including Cooling, Dehumidifying, Heating and Sleep. Perfect for all seasons.

*Measured based on an indoor temperature of 27.1˚C and a humidity of 80%.

Extra-Large Cooling Coverage

The 7-8㎡ cooling coverage allows cool or heated air to be delivered to every corner in your home.

Remote Control

The LCD screen clearly displays the operation status. Adjust the temperature anytime you want.

Switching between Cooling & Heating

Swap the position of covers of the exhaust pipe and air outlet to switch from cooling mode to the heating mode.

Remarkable Features

R410A Eco-friendly Refrigerant

The powerful refrigerant can rapidly reduce the room temperature by 8-10˚C. It is chlorine-free and does not contribute to ozone depletion.

Independent Dehumidification

The superior 42L/day independent dehumidifying function keeps your room fresh and crisp all year round.

Safety Feature

The system automatically enters a 4-min buffer when switching from the heating to the cooling mode (vice versa), preventing the compressor from being damaged.

Self-Evaporative System

The self-evaporative system recycles condensed water in order to cool the condenser, saving energy and the need to constantly drain water.

User-Friendly Features

Exhaust Pipe Storage Compartment

Bend one end of the exhaust pipe and place it inside the storage compartment to achieve easy storage.

All-Direction Casters

The all direction casters at the base enables you to move the appliance wherever you want without an effort.

Environmentally-Friendly Multilayer Filters

Detachable and easy-to-clean, the reusable filters embody the contemporary concept of environmental protection.

3 Cooling Speeds

With high, medium and low speed selection, you can easily adjust the indoor temperature according to your preference.

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Do I have to drain water away from the Portable Type Air Conditioner under normal circumstances?
The Portable Type Air Conditioner comes with a self-evaporative system. Generally speaking, you do not have to drain water away by yourself. However, when the humidity is high, you may have to connect the drainage pipe in order to drain the water away.
Why is the display monitor of the Portable Air Conditioner showing the error code __?
Error E1 indicates a short circuit in both the temperature sensor and PCB. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repair. Error E2 indicates a short circuit in the temperature sensor copper tube and the PCB wiring. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repair. Error E3 represents problems with the ultra-cooling system. Reason1: The exhaust pipe has twisted. Reason2: The refrigerant is leaking. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repair. Error E4 means the water tank is full or the wiring of plug is possibly incorrect. Please pull out the rubber cap located at the lower drain hole to drain the water away. Check that the plug has been wired and connected properly. For PAC-15P users, check if the water tank is placed at the original position of the unit.
In what situations are the drain holes on the two sides of the Portable Type Air Conditioner supposed to be used?
The drain hole near the bottom is to be used for drainage when the unit is producing cool air. The drain hole near the water tank is to be used for drainage when the unit is performing dehumidifying and heating functions.
Why does my Portable Air Conditioner turn on automatically at night?
You may have activated the pre-set power-on function. Cancel it by turning on the air conditioner before the pre-set time.
What is the decibel level of the PAC series?
PAC-15: 56 dB PAC-10: 53 dB
My display monitor is showing temperature in Fahrenheit. How do I fix it?
Turn off the air conditioner. Long press the “MODE” button for 5 seconds, wait for a “beep” sound and it will be changed to Celsius.
If I replace my split type air conditioner, can I use the R22 refrigerant pipe in the split type air conditioner using refrigerant R410A?
If your original one is using R22 refrigerant, the refrigerant pipe must be replace by the new one with R410A refrigerant. The reason is that thicker tube wall of pipe is required to resist the higher pressure of “eco-friend” refrigerant, and the lubricating oil remains from R22 refrigerant pipe will damage your new air conditioner.
How to select a suitable air-conditioner for my room?
Choose the suitable air-conditioner by referring to the cooling capacity (kW) on the energy label as well as data regarding cooling coverage. Meanwhile, you also have to pay attention to the type of air-conditioners you are going for. The cooling capacity of the portable type air-conditioners is influenced by the conditions of indoor environment.
Where is the serial number of the Window Type Air Conditioner labelled?
On the right hand side of the unit near the bottom.
Why is my Window Type Air Conditioner noisy?
The sound comes from running water, which is used for radiating.
Will it be difficult to repair my air conditioner using R22 refrigerant in the future?
According to the Ordinance, a total ban on the import of R22 is to be in place in 2020. In addition, R22 is a reusable refrigerant so there will be no problem to repair your air conditioner.
How to choose the air conditioner? Does it mean the higher the HP number, the higher the cooling capacity?
The cooling capacity of air conditioner is not reflected by HP number. By referring to the cooling capacity (kW) on energy label, you can choose a suitable air conditioner and compare the efficiency of power saving. For instance, an air conditioner of “First Class Energy Label” with 2.6 kW (1 HP) cooling capacity is relatively efficient in power saving than that of “Fifth Class Energy Label”.