Tasty Snacks with Express Fryer

Create crispy and tasty foods without using a drop of oil, catered to healthy food trends.

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An Extraordinary Cooker That Creates The Food You Crave

Enjoy various dishes cooked perfectly at ideal temperature and time by simply turning a knob. With the help of such multifunctional tool, anyone can cook like a pro!

Advanced Air Circulation Technology

Advanced air fryer allows food to be cooked perfectly. Quick, effective, and efficient.

Extendable Body

Stackable metal container placed on top of the base, expanding the cooking chamber to incorporate large portions of food.

Multiple Accessories Expending Functionality

Multiple Accessories Expending Functionality The non-stick cooking bowl of the Healthy Air Fryer is very easy to clean and care. It also comes with various tools including grid pan, plate lifter, dual rack and ring extension to help you achieve the best cooking results.

Grid Pan

Plate Lifter

Dual Rack

Ring Extension

User-Friendly Features

Saving Countertop Space

Compact air-fryer making full use of limited space, fits into any sized kitchen and able to be stored in any kitchen cabinet.

Simplistic Temperature Knob

Its simple and user-friendly design allows easy temperature adjustment.

See-Through Design

Crystal-clear transparent glass lid for easy monitoring of the cooking process.

Foldable Handle

Lift the lid off with one hand and turn the air fryer off simultaneously.

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Selected Recipes

Breaded Pork Cutlet
Fried Chicken Drumbsticks in Lemon Sauce
Cheese & Ham Stuffed Chicken Roll-Up
Rice Paper Roll with Soft Shell Crab
Crispy French Fries
Salt & Pepper Chicken Knuckles
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab