3D Rotation Technology

Hands-Free Rotisserie Roasting

The 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer features the revolutionary 3D Rotation technology and a rotary rack, enabling thorough and hands-free heating.

Advanced Air Circulation Technology

Advanced Air
Circulation Technology

Through heat conduction, penetration and convection, the air fryer cooks without flame, radiation or producing fumes. The Air Circulation Technology boosts the convection speed, which makes cooking with the 3D Rotation Express Air Fryer swifter than with the traditional oven or ordinary air fryers.

  • Heat Penetration:
    High-temperature FIR rays penetrate deep into the food for speedy heating.
  • Heat Convection:
    The heat circulation system transfers heat through convection to speed up the heating.
  • Heat Conduction:
    Heat is directed conducted from the pot to the food.

An Extraordinary Cooker That Satisfies Your Cravings

An Extraordinary Cooker
That Satisfies Your Cravings

Enjoy various dishes cooked perfectly at the ideal temperature and time, simply by turning the knob! Anyone can cook like a pro with a multi-functional tool like this.

Oil-free Cooking Now Tastier than Ever

Strong light waves heat up the fat content in food to the boiling point. The fat is driven out, which initiates an air-frying process where no added oil is necessary. Make your healthier version of French fries, fried cashews and chicken with the 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer!

Transparent Glass Lid

The fortified heat-resistant glass lid enables maximum control over the cooking process. Now you don’t have to open the lid mid-cooking to check your food, like when using the drawer-type air fryer.

Four Cooking Accessories

The Possibilities
are Endless

Four attached cooking accessories include Rotary Rack, Rotisserie, Dual Rack and Plate Lifter which can be used according to your special culinary needs.

Rotary Rack

Loose food items like fries, nuts and dried fruit.


Large poultry like roast chicken, duck and goose.

Dual Rack

Food cooked in intense heat like skewers, pork jowl and chicken wings.

Plate Lifter

For extracting cooked food and adding ingredients in the fryer.

9L Extra Large Capacity

The 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer has an impressive capacity of 9 litres. Be it small food items like nuts, or big ones like roast chicken, this air fryer can cook with just the same ease. With the Dual Rack, you can cook numerous food items of different sizes at the same time for parties and daily meals. Great for sharing!

Thoughtful Design

Easy-lift Cooking Pot Lid
Cooking Pot Lid

The lid-pot attached design saves space and keeps your kitchen clutter-free.

Auto-pause Function

The air fryer powers off automatically when the lid is opened.

Single Temperature Knob
Temperature Knob

This intuitive design allows easy temperature adjustment.

10-hour Time Delay
Time Delay

The wide duration range means the food can be ready at your convenience.

Compact Build

The slim build of this air fryer fits most kitchens and cabinets.

2 Wind Speeds

The wind speed options give flexibility to cooking.

3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer

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