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One Price for Multiple Functions

The ultra-slim Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater is one of the smallest models on the market, perfectly fitting into the space of the usual bathroom exhaust fan, it is suitable for all types of apartments and houses. With heating, ventilation and circulation functions, it can replace two electrical appliances, for the price of one. In addition to rapid heating and ventilation, the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater helps to dry clothes quickly during wet season. Providing comfortable cool breeze in the hot summer, and purifying indoor air with negative ions, it gives you the best deal for your money.

Compact & Streamline

German Pool’s brand new Multi-function Bathroom Heater is ultra slim. Only an opening of 8 inches is required for window installation. What’s more, the installation of exhaust pipes is not required. Just fasten the heater on the window frame with some screws, and it is ready to use.

Highly Efficient PTC Ceramic Heating

Highly Efficient
PTC Ceramic Heating

Heats Up Fast with Low Energy Consumption

Heats Up Fast with
Low Energy Consumption

Powered up to 1,400 watts, with the air volume as high as 135 cubic meters per hour, the built-in PTC ceramic heating element heats up the area rapidly with low energy consumption. Moreover, the warm air is soft and nondrying. The Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater stands out as the best in this product category. During the cold weather, people easily catch a cold before or after a bath/shower. Using the Bathroom Heater effectively protects your beloved family members from catching a cold. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your bathing experience in the cold winter.

Drying Laundry Rapidly

Use high speed warm air to dry clothes rapidly during wet season. The oscillation angle can also be adjusted to achieve higher efficiency*.

*Drying time is affected by factors such as bathroom size, indoor and outdoor temperatures, types of fabric of clothes and how wet they are after wash and spinning.

Gets Rid of Mouldy Smell

With the strong warm air and ventilation, the bathroom is kept dry and the negative ions remove odors and prevent moulds from forming.

Promotes Air Circulation

The fan function and ventilation function get rid of the steam after shower and keep the bathroom dry and comfortable.

Extremely Quiet Operation

The rotor is extremely quiet; the noise level is as low as 56 decibels, giving you a serene environment.

Eight-Function Combo

Eight-Function Combo

Remote control and a wall-mounted holder are included for easy operation.


Emits warm air with two speed options – high and low.


Warms up the bathroom before the bathroom is used.


Dries laundry with warm air*.

Cooling fan

Emits cool wind with two speed options – high and low.


Keeps air circulated in the bathroom; two speed options – high and low.


3 modes of ventilation: untimed, 15-minute and 24-hour. Two speed options – high and low.

Anion air purification

Releases anion to remove odor, sterilize the space and freshen the air.

Automatic function

built-in sensor detects the current room temperature and runs the most suitable functions.

*Drying time is affected by factors such as bathroom size, indoor and outdoor temperatures, types of fabric and their level of water content after wash and spinning.

Catering to Specific Seasonal Needs

Laundry drying,
curbing mouldy odour

On humid days, Multi-functional Bathroom Heater dries up washed laundry quickly, removing moisture and mouldy odour in the bathroom. Dehumidification also prevents wall condensation and paint bubbling.

Fan cooling for ventilation,
heat dissipation

Ventilation speeds up heat dissipation to cool down the interior. With the Multi-functional Bathroom Heater, the air in the space becomes fresh, sterilized, odorless and comfortably cool.

Automatic adjustment

In autumn, it can be warm during the day, but chilly at dawn, at dusk and at night. With the automatic function, this bathroom heater can detect the current bathroom temperature and make adjustments before you enter the space.

Comfortable bathing experience

The preheating and heating functions can keep the bathroom warm in the cold winter. This is especially beneficial for children and the elderly, whose immune systems are more delicate. What’s more, the high-performance PTC ceramics heating elements keep the air warm yet do not dry out your skin.

Thoughtful Design

Extremely Quiet Rotor

The sound produced during operation is as low as 56 dB.

Wild Angle Oscillation

Oscillation angle ranges from 60o to 90o, wind reaching every corner of the bathroom.

IPX4 Water Resistance Level

Waterproof casing avoids backflow and moisture accumulation, thus curbs rusting and increases machine durability.

Easy-to-clean Dust Filter

Effectively filters out dust particles and keeps the parts running smoothly.

Automatic Triple Protection
Against Overheating

Automatically shuts off when overheating to ensure safety.


Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater

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Is there anything I should pay attention before installing Bathroom Heater?
This appliance should not be installed near curtains or other flammable materials, to avoid any risk of fire. Make sure that The switch should not be installed in an area directly accessible from the bathtub or shower. Besides, installation work and electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician in accordance with all applicable codes and standards. Shut off the electrical power before installation. A new power cord should be used when installing this unit, the new power cord must stand a minimum of 10A load.
Why is the bathroom heater not warm enough?
In cold weather, it is normal that it takes some time to warm up a space. It is recommended to first turn on the heater for 10-15 minutes before using the bathroom. Once the space is heated, you may enter the room and even switch off the heater. Note: please make sure "Power" and "Heat" buttons are both switched on. Set the fan switch to "Fan" position (not "Vent").
Is there anything I have to pay attention to when cleaning the fascia of the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater?
Carefully put back the front cover onto the appliance with the correct orientation. Improper installation will lead to the accumulation of heat, which can damage components like the filters.
Is there anything I have to pay extra attention to while installing the multi-purpose bathroom heater?
When installing the multi-purpose bathroom heater on the wall, make sure all the components are in the correct positions. Also make sure the installation is handled by certified personnel.
Why does short circuit occur suddenly?
If the power cord and circuit do not stand a minimum of 10A loading, or if there had been an installation error, short circuit may happen during operation. In such case, contact us for maintenance.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater?
Switch off the appliance before cleaning. Wipe the unit with a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent. All electrical components should be kept away from water. Do not use any petroleum-based or corrosive cleaners to clean the product. Do not soak any plastic part in hot water higher than 60°.
If the Bathroom Heater is mounted on the window, will humid or rainy weather affect the efficiency?
HTB-916 comes with a sealed waterproof shell which is water-resistant and anti-rust. It is especially designed for window mounting. For older models, it is recommended to install a waterproof shell. Ask your technician for more information.
What bathroom condition(s) is/are required for installing the German Pool Bathroom Heater?
The German Pool Bathroom Heater can be installed onto windows, walls or ceilings. Its compact design makes it suitable in most bathroom types.
How to install the Portable Bathroom Heater?
Portable Bathroom Heater is a plug-and-use appliance. You can use it without installation.
Will the efficiency of the Bathroom Heater vary with different installation methods?
No, the efficiency of German Pool Bathroom Heater will not be affected by the type of installation method.