14 Preset Programmes

The built-in programmes automatically bake different styles of bread, including whole wheat, French and European, even rice cake, dough and jam can be made in one go.

Basic Bread
French Bread
Whole Wheat Bread
Black Wheat Bread

3D Enhanced Baking Effect

3D Enhanced
Baking Effect

The upper & lower duo heating elements create a 3D baking effect which offers an enhanced overall bread texture

User-friendly Design

Auto Yeast Dispenser

Innovative auto yeast dispenser timely dispenses yeast according to the preset programme.

Auto Topping Dispenser

Fruits and nuts can also be automatically dispensed through the topping dispenser.

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Is there anything I should pay attention to when using the Fruits and Nuts Dispenser?
Liquid, items of large, tiny size, high water content and can be easily melted are not suitable to put into the Dispenser. For those BMR-7075 users, Fruits and Nuts Dispenser can be detached if it is not needed.
Programme cannot be started after pressing “START” button. Is the unit out of order?
When the “Whole Wheat Bread” or “Rye Bread” is selected, the programme will preheat for 30 minutes before kneading.
How to remove the kneading blade after taking out the bread?
When the bread cools down, take out the kneading blade using the supplied “kneading blade remover”.
Do I need to reset programme if power failure occurs or the plug is removed unintentionally?
If Bread Maker is disconnected from power for less than 7 minutes, it will resume its operation at the previous settings after reconnecting to power. However, if power failure lasts for more than 7 minutes, all settings will be cleared and programme reset
How to set programme so that Bread Maker can deliver fresh bread in the morning?
By using “Delay-Start” function, you can set the finish time of your bread in advance (maximum setting: 13 hours for BMR-7075; 15 hours for BMR-9125). Bread Maker will deliver fresh bread at the exact time you desire.
Why does smoke and smell come out from ventilation holes during operation?
Check whether any ingredients are stuck on the heating elements. Ingredients of tiny size may be stuck on the heating elements, which can be cleaned after the appliance has been completely cooled down.
How to clean the Bread Maker after use?
Unplug power after use and clean the unit after it has been completely cooled down. Clean the kneading blade, baking pan and dispenser with water and sponge; clean the ingredients splashed on the inside of the appliance with a damp cloth and let dry.
How to choose crust colour for first time user?
For the first time user, choose “Light” as your crust colour and adjust the colour later. If darker crust colour is required or the baking result is not satisfactory after programme completion, activate the Bake programme and set operation time according
Is there anything I should pay attention to when cleaning?
Always ensure that the appliance and heating elements have been completely cooled down and disconnected with power before cleaning. Do not clean with hard brush or rough surface cloth, or immerse the appliance and baking pan into any liquid.
How to remove bread from Baking Pan?
Unplug the appliance. Put on heat-resistant gloves and take out the baking pan. Hold the baking pan upside-down with both hands and carefully shake it a few times, or slightly turn the rotary shaft at the bottom of baking pan to release the bread.

Selected Recipes

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Quick Bread
Ultra-Quick Bread
Italian Cheese & Herb Bread
Halloween Pumpkin Bun
Cinnamon & Raisin Bun
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