* This product can be altered to suit the environment of your commercial kitchen. Contact our representative for details.

  • Isolated induction heating and anti-dry-burning protection ensuring safety and reliability; over 60% higher energy efficiency compared to gas cookers
  • Rapid heating, efficient temperature control, smart operation and user-friendly
  • Fully-automated cooking programme regulating temperature, time and steam generation for a highly standardized and consistent result that is both time- and cost-efficienct
  • Perfect for gyoza, Chinese dumplings & pot stickers

    Digital Control Box

    Perfect Quality and After-Sale Service;
    Stay Competitive At All Times
    Perfect Quality and After-Sale Service;
    Stay Competitive At All Times

    Digital control boxes are equipped with German-made IGBTs, which enable system to cope effectively with high voltage and current. The replaceable module design allows you to replace digital control box in an easy way. The impact on operations in case of a malfunction is therefore minimized.

    Advanced Waterproof

    Waterproof Technology for Ultra Durability
    Waterproof Technology for
    Ultra Durability

    Thanks to seamless wielding craftsmanship, cookers can withstand water being poured to the cooktops or control panels. The display and the sliding switch are completely waterproof with an IPX8 rating, making cleaning of equipment much more easier.


    Type Tabletop Induction Dumpling Fryer Tabletop Induction Dumpling Fryer
    Model GR-IDES-1T GR-IDES-2T
    Power 2220V/50Hz/3.5kW 220V/50Hz/3.5kW
    Size 400*700*300 800*700*300

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    Commercial Induction Kitchen Series

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    *The appearance of the actual product shall prevail. Above figures are for reference only. Actual installation dimensions may vary depending on room settings.