Supreme Humidity Control

With 30L/day dehumidifying capacity and Grade 1 Energy Label certification, the Dehumidifier always keeps your home comfortably dry. Bonus functions include set-your-own humidity and fan speed, long timer, and defrosting.
Extra-Large Dehumidifying Capacity

With a daily dehumidifying capacity of 30L*, the Dehumidifier removes extra moisture, prevents mold, and instantly dry laundry. The ultra-large 3.8L water tank minimizes trips to discard condensate.

24-hour Laundry Drying

The amazing laundry drying function removes moisture efficiently. It operates up to 24 hours to dry as much clothes as possible.

Tips for using dehumidifier

Think about position

Do not place the unit too close to other objects.

It has no clothes

Do not cover the opening at any time during use.

Regularly clean the filter

Filter can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner or rinsed by water.

Use properly

Do not operate continuously for a long time.

Thoughtful Designs

Air Filter

The anti-mold filter effectively filtrates impurities and prevents unpleasing smell in the air, keeping the air crisp and fresh.

Continuous Dehumidification

Continuous dehumidification can be achieved simply by attaching the supplied pipe to the machine, increasing the dehumidifying capacity. Not only can the indoor environment be kept dry and comfortable, it also avoids unnecessary, repetitive cleaning of the water tank.

Automatic Defrost Function

When the room temperature drops and the humidity increases, the dehumidifier automatically defrosts, ensuring that the machine works perfectly in low temperature.

Flexible Mobile Design

The dehumidifier comes with a handle at the side. Its base consists four wheels with 360° movement that allows you to move your dehumidifier anywhere you want. The easy movement of the machine also maximizes the sizes of areas that can be dehumidified.

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The Dehumidifier suddenly stops running. What happened?
One of the causes is that the power cable is not connected properly. To solve this, adjust the plug and re-connect the power. Please also check whether the full tank indicator is lit up or not. The Dehumidifier stops when the tank is full or in displaced
The Dehumidifier does not start even though it is connected to the power outlet. Why?
The filter, air inlet or air outlet is blocked. Clean the filter as instructed in the user's manual or remove any obstruction away from the air inlet or air outlet.
Why does the Dehumidifier go on and off?
The operation of Dehumidifier will stop automatically when the relative humidity in the room is too low or lower than the selected humidity. The machine is not designed to be used in an environment too cold or too hot. It may periodlcally stop operating o
Can I dry my laundry with the dehumidifier?
Yes. Simply adjust the humidity level to 50%.
Why is the Dehumidifier displaying the error codes "E1" and "E2"?
"E1" represents an error in the temperature sensor. "E2" indicates a coil sensor error. Please contact the Repairs & Customer Service Centre for repairing.
The Dehumidifier makes very loud noise. How do I fix it?
The machine may have been placed on an uneven or tilted surface. Move it to a level, even ground can possibly lower the noise. Dirty or clogged filter may also be the cause of the problem. Clean the filter as instructed in the user's manual.
How often should I empty the water tank of dehumidifier?
The frequency of cleaning the water tank of the dehumidifier is generally determined by the capacity of the tank and dehumidifying performance. The temperature and humidity of the actual operating environment also have an impact on it. For example: A dehumidifier with a daily dehumidification of 13 liters is recommended to clean the tank every 5-6 hours during the normal wet season in Hong Kong (relative humidity above 80%). If the weather or operating environment is relatively humid, it is recommended to use the included water hose to perform continuous drainage.