Powerful Winds, Broader Wind Delivery

All new bladeless air circulation technology, air current is forcefully pushed out through wind tunnel. Designed with the 70cm extended wind tunnel, embrace a wider and cooler breeze.

70cm Extended Wind Tunnel

Up to 70cm extended wind tunnel, vertical designed to enhance cooling with a refreshing experience

90°Oscillating Wind Delivery

90°Oscillation broadening coverage area of wind delivery.

Harmony with Air-Conditioning, Energy Efficient and Comfortable.

Circulated wind delivery enhances the indoor airflow, distributing cool air throughout the entire room further saving energy.

Slim & Stylish, Space Saving & More Compact

Compact and wider wind coverage

Compared with traditional tower fans, use less space.
Compared with bladeless fans, slimmer with extended wind tunnel.

Friendly Design

Bladeless design, safe & easy to clean

9 speed settings

1-8 hour timer

Low noise operation

Wireless Remote

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