All-round Plasma Purification

Inhibits Viruses & Removes Odours

The UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan generates plasma to eliminate harmful airborne particles, bacteria, VOCs, odours and even inhibits viruses, lowering pollutant concentrations to improve indoor air quality.

Airborne Particles

Charges airborne particles, causing them to cluster and sink away from your breathing area.

Bacteria & Viruses

Bonds with bacteria and viruses, breaking down their protein network and structure.


Breaks down VOCs and turning them into harmless compounds such as water vapour or CO2 .

Odorous Gases

Oxidizes odorous gases and aerosols on contact and neutralizes their offensive smells.

HEPA13 High Efficiency Filter

One Filter To Catch’em All

Double filter system consisting of Pre-filter and HEPA 13 High Efficiency Filter and system captures PM2.5 particulate matters and 99.9%* air pollutants, ensuring the air quality inside your home is clean and safe.

* Test Report: GTTC #190119945

254nm UV-C Light

254nm UV-C Light

Effectively Eliminates 99.9%* Bacteria

Effectively Eliminates 99.9%* Bacteria

Strong UV-C at 254nm wavelength^ quickly and efficiently destroys microorganism’s DNA structure, killing 99.9%* of common bacteria and viruses to ensure air blown out is clean and germ-free. UV-C disinfection can be activated with one simple tap on the remote control or mobile App.

^ Test report: Intertek 200800817SHA-001
* Test report: Gmicro 2020FM30355R01

Captures Pollutants

From Front, Back & All Around

Slim casing with front and back air inlets significantly increases suction power, drawing in air- borne pollutants from all around.

Bladeless Air Jet Technology

Enhances Purification Effect

Innovative bladeless air circulation technology effectively forces air from the base of the unit up to the air duct, producing a strong current of air flow which brings plasma all around your space, enhancing air circulation and purification effect.

Wide Oscillation & Tilt Angles

Purified Breeze to Every Corner

80° oscillation and 30° tilt angle deliver uninterrupted purified breeze to every corner of the room.

Perfect Team with Air Conditioner

Saving Electricity with Same Comfort Level

Cool breeze lowers room temperature and enhances air circulation; when used together with air conditioner, cool air is evenly distributed to every corner of the room. Simply set your AC to 25.5°C and enjoy cool comfort without high expense.

Slim & Chic Patented Design

Saves Space & Showcases Taste

Exemplifying the best modern design; this patented slim and chic body hardly takes up any space, going well with any décor to showcase your style.

Thoughtful Design

Bladeless Design

Safe, child-friendly and easy to clean.

Wireless Remote Control

Sit back and change modes and settings.

Extremely Quiet

55dB operation for ultimate serenity and sweet dreams.

9 Speed Settings

Get the optimal wind speed to your desire.

8-hour Timer

Pre-set timer up to 8 hours ahead for a breezy cozy sleep.


Remote Control
HEPA 13 Filter
for EFB-PC30
Want to replace your old filter cartridge?
The optional HEPA filter package includes 3 filter cartridges that will allow your air purifier to stay powerful over time. BUY ONLINE

Want to replace your old filter cartridge?

The optional HEPA filter package includes 3 filter cartridges that will allow your air purifier to stay powerful over time.


German Pool Built-In Induction-Ceramic Hybrid Cooker

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